Friday, 4 December 2015

PSA - Gift Exchange Scammer

Hi all~ 

The holiday season is upon us and I am starting to see a lot of people doing gift exchange online. It is fun but I just want to put out a caution out there. If you are exchanging with someone you don't really know, do your homework and make sure they aren't lying. 

The reason I am saying that is because I got tricked last year by someone over Instagram. Her account looked legit and I seen an unboxing video from the person whom she shared an exchange with. So I went into it thinking it was legit. But of course it wasn't. I mailed off my package and confirmed she received it. Then I just waited and waited and still didn't get it. I messaged her asking her what happened because I haven't received the package. I even did a post, hoping I was wrong. But of course, I will never receive it because she lied and never sent it. I chalked it up as an expensive lesson to learn, count it as doing a good deed and earning some good karma points. 

So this year, I decided that I would post her address such that anyone looking up that address will see this post and be aware that she is a scammer and should not continue their gift exchange. 

Her address is : 
C-144 Ashok Vihar 
Phase - 1 Ground Floor
Delhi - 110052 

I didn't want to release her address because I didn't want to believe someone could do such a petty thing just for some skincare items and some Lush products. But, it is the season where people are filled with the holiday spirit and want to do something good. I just don't want anyone else to be fooled like I was. 

Sorry for the negativity and I do hope this helps someone out there.

Update:  I just been informed that this person is at it again. Unfortunately the package has been sent so she's gotten away with it again. The Instagram accounts she's used so far is Thecraftymuffintop and showeroflippies (which she has deleted). Please only do exchanges with people you communicated and trust or through programs like Reddit gift exchanges where it is monitored!!!