Thursday, 27 November 2014

Etude Haul

From Nov 5 - Nov 9, 2014 (Korean standard time), Etude House had a "Princess Day" event where they had free shipping over $30 and 50% off their sheet masks. I had to take advantage of that rightaway! That was a dumb decision as the next day they announced a 15% off Paypal event. Oh well. With the currency exchange, the 15% saving pretty much made up for the exchange rate difference. I could not resist and placed another order. 

Jump after the cut to see my two crazy hauls. 

Haul #1: Wonder Pore toner, Wonder Pore Brush, Sheet Masks
 The Etude website had an unspoken rule about the weight of the package, where your order needs to be less than 1.6kg to get the free shipping. Since I did not use most of Etude House's make up or skin care, I just bought tons of masks for myself, the Wonder Pore toner and the Wonder Pore brush for my brother. This was ordered on Nov 5 and received on Nov 21. It took a week for processing and two weeks for shipping.

Wonder Pore Toner 500ml + free cotton pads
I ordered the biggest bottle of Wonder Pore toner that I can find on the website as I know my brother will need it. His skin has gotten worse since he's done with the toner. Since receiving this haul, his skin has already cleared up quite a bit. This is definitely a great toner for his crazy hormonal skin. I love how they included a box of cotton pads. I did not know that was included, but then I  didn't really pay much attention to the product description other than it's the correct toner. The cotton pad had a smooth surface and a rough side. I need to buy a box of it next time they have a shipping event again.

Wonder Pore Brush
I got the pore brush for my brother as he has tons of blackheads and enlarged pores on and near his nose. The brush is soooo soft brushing against the back of my hand. Though some strands already fell off when I tested it. I hope it does not come off like crazy when my brother uses it.

Sheet masks!!!!
I ordered 31 sheet masks at once.. It's so crazy I know.. I should have gotten some of the coconut jelly masks. I got a variety of Hyaluronic acid, snail, Coenzyme Q10, collagen, royal jelly, pomegranate, mugwort, Korean ginseng, and mango. It's enough to last me a while.. Until my second haul came..

Haul #2 in its bubble wrap package

Again, I was dumb and did not think to order some of the more expensive masks. I ordered a total of 57 masks and an AC Clinic Intense Extractor (not pictured). I would have place an order of all sheet masks if it weren't for the weight. 

I ordered two of each masks, with more for snail, Hyaluronic acid, collagen, Coenzyme Q10, mugwort and royal jelly. I ordered one of each so I can try them all and have an extra to give out as Christmas presents. I am too lazy to find special presents for everyone, so sheet masks are a cheap and lazy way to pick out Christmas presents. 

Yay! I am now officially drowning in sheet masks!! Have to force myself to use one every other night so I can use it up within a year. I already tried the green tea mask from the Jeju Memebox and didn't mind it. I also tried the Hyaluronic acid, which has a milky white essence. I have no problem against the essence but I do have problem with the actual masks. Again, the sheet mask's proportion seems to be off. It is probably the eye hole, where it is tiny and really far apart. Other than that, these masks are pretty good for being $0.48 each,


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