Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Membo Superbox #62 - Just Gellin'

When I saw Just Gellin' on sale at Memebox, I HAD to get it. I love skincare in gel form. So I was excited to get it. Though I have to admit, I forgot I had ordered toward the end. It cost $23 + $6.99 shipping. It is sold out now but Memebox may restock a few in the future. The package only took 8 days to reach me via registered mail, which is quite a short time for snail mail.  

**The price listed is from the product cards unless otherwise specified. **

Dermahouse Ginseng Peeling Gel 120ml $18  $6.26 + shipping
 The peeling gel contains ginseng, papaya and other oriental herbal extracts. It is to gently and effectively sweep away dull skin for visibly radiant skin.

I couldn't find much about the specific product and seeing how the products is touted for the ginseng ingredient. My dislike for the smell of ginseng prevented me from opening the product and give it a try. Will pass it along to someone else.

ProYou Prori Vita Bright Moisture Gel Mist 100ml $24
 The mist contains various plant extracts that will instantly revitalize, calm and moisturize the skin. This mist also prevents aging and wrinkles.

When I first saw the bottle, I thought, not ANOTHER mist. This adds my facial mists to three bottles and I barely used my first one as it is. But when I opened it, I was intrigued. The content is thicker than the normal mists, but thinner than gel. It is recommended to spray 10 inches away from your face to ensure a fine mist. I had to spray very close to my hand to get a big glob for the picture. The mist is lightly perfumed and absorbs quickly. I like the smell as it is a light floral smell. I think I will use it once I finish my first aloe mist (hopefully soon).

original raw Blue Jam Water Block Cream 50ml $24
The water block cream is an oil free, gel type moisturizer that cools, soothes, and hydrates dry and sensitive skin. It contains glacier water, pearl powder, aloe and plum extracts. It is boasted to keep your skin moisturized for over 100 hours with its special water blocking system.

It normally comes in a jar with a blue lid, but the one we received was an enclosed pouch with a spout. It reminds me of those jelly drinks in China and Capri Sun drinks from when I was growing up. It was definitely weird trying to squeeze it out. My mind was thinking I am going to squeeze too hard and all the liquid is going to come out and spill everywhere. But of course I was not going to spill anything as it is gel not juice.

It is a clear light blue gel and smells faintly of plants when it is squeezed out. Once it is spread out, the scent changes and I kind of don't like it. Can't recall what it reminds me of but my mind related the smell to my grandma and old clothes. The gel is absorbed quickly and my skin feels much softer. Will keep it to use but will need to find an empty jar to dump the content into. The squeeze pouch is really messing with my head and a bit inconvenient to use.

Secret Key Sheer Light Essential Gel Sun Screen 43ml $23
A gel sunscreen??? This was the product that intrigued me the most when I saw the spoilers (I am impatient and don't mind spoiling the products before I received them). This sun screen contains nacinamide, adenosine, Witch Hazel extract, Freesia extract, and Portulaca Oleracea extract. The ingredients allow the sun screen to soothe irritated skin while providing moisture and UV protection for your skin. The sun screen has a UV protection level of SPF 50+ and PA+++.

The tube of sunscreen is actually pretty small so it is easy to carry it in your bag. It does not look much different from any other sun screen. It is thicker than the normal sun screen, it feels more like a thick cream than a watery sun screen. The sun screen has a light floral scent, but it is a bit strong if you take deep sniffs right next to it. So perhaps avoiding applying it to your nose area if you are sensitive to smells. The sun screen is absorbed fast and does not feel or look greasy. This would be great for any time of the year as we need sun screen every day. Will keep it in my bag once I finish use my current sun screen.

Hope Girl Waterproof Gel Eyeliner 02 Brown 3g $22 
I always use a liquid eyeliner from Kiss Me and I find that works very well for me as I have trouble removing it even with eye makeup remover. As much as I love how long lasting it is, I don't like how it dries. The liner does not blend in with my eyelash line, even though I am drawing it right against it. I was looking to get an eyeliner that would go on a little softer and I can smudge it to look a little natural. So this gel eyeliner came at a great time!

I never tried a gel liner before so I was eager to try it. The pen glided easily when I was testing it out on the back of my hand.  When I tried on my eyelid, it worked well too. I like that it is dark brown so it is a little softer than all the black eyeliners I have. The downside is that it is not waterproof at all. I managed to just rub it off in the shower without any cleansers. Will have to test it out one day to see how long it last without giving me the panda eyes. 

Holika Holika Holy Berry Jelly Tint 8ml $7
I believe this is my fourth bright pink lip tint.. So 4/4 lip products are bright pink... Sigh.. The jelly tints are randomly selected from two colours and I got the bright pink Berry Berry instead of Cherry Berry. I have tried a bright pink lip tint already and the end result was not a good look. I did not open it to do a swatch as I already know I am going to give it away.

Disappointed with the lip tint colour but other than that the box is pretty good. I do have to give away the peeling gel but 4/6 products is pretty darn good for a box!

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