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Memebox Princess Edition #4 The Little Mermaid

 Memebox Princess Edition #4 The Little Mermaid was purchased along with the Cinderella box. It was $29 with the $6.99 express shipping for both boxes. I picked up the box as I loved the Hans Christian Anderson version of the fairy tale, where she turned into foam at the end. Not the Disney's happy ending story. I really liked the Earth & Sea box and was hoping this was a similar box.

**The price listed is from the product cards unless otherwise specified. **
Pureplu+ Bentonite Cleansing Soap ($12)
 The main ingredient in this soap is Bentonite, cocoon powder and palm oil. The Bentonite clay is from France and is packed with over 66 different kinds of natural minerals such as calcium, magnesium, germanium and selenium which effectively remove unnecessary dirt, oil and dead skin from the skin. The soap leaves skin soft and moist without causing dehydration.

The first thing about this soap is the smell. It is very strong that when you open the box, that is the very first thing you smell. The smell reminds me of my grandma so I rather not put that near my face. :(  I left the box open for an hour, and the smell of the soap has taken over my room. This is how strong a piece of soap wrapped in plastic is.. Not good.. I will have to give it away or throw it out.

DD'ell Extra Vitalizing Serum 30ml ($42 $36 + shipping)
The serum is formulated with algae extracts and galactomyces ferments, which are rich in various minderals, vitamins, and amino acids. The algae provides nutrition rich extracts that acts as strong antioxidant, anti-allergic, and moisturizing agent. The serum is to be free of 12 chemical ingredients such as paraben, artificial colouring, benzophenone, formaldehyde, paraffin, BHT and triethanolamide.

The serum has a weird dropper. It is just a stick with a ball tip that you use to pick up some serum and drop onto your hand. There is no way to control how much serum you will receive. The serum has a light scent and it absorbs quickly into the skin. The swatch left the back of my hand soft so I am hoping it will also leave my face very soft as well. Will add it to my routine once I am done with the Tosoowong Timeshift serum.

Update: So I am dumb. I read on another blog that you are supposed to press the top of the lid to gather the serum. Then you are to press the lid again to drop the serum onto your hand. I just tried that and yup. That is how it works. I am dumb. Haha.

Grinif Collagen Aqua Peeling Gel 120ml ($20)
The peeling gel has multi-action enzymes along with cellulose to effectively peel and help uncover a smooth, fresh, new complextion without drying, irritating, or causing undue stress to the skin. It removes impurities and decongests clogged pores for a more youthful and radiant look, 

This is a rather unique application for a peeling gel. I wonder how effective it is. Especially when you are supposed to spray it straight onto your face. It is so easy to have some accidentally sprayed into your eyes. Eeek. 

The solution is very watery. I sprayed it onto the back of my hand and was able to roll up two balls of dead skin. But there was still a lot of solution left on the back of my hand. I could not roll up anymore dead skin and could only wait for it to dry up. Not sure if I will spray it onto my face but perhaps I will spray onto my hands then transfer it to my face.

Edit: I decided to try this last night as I had lots of dry dead skin floating on my face. I was right, this is very easy to get into your eyes. The spray does not produce a fine mist but rather a small jet spray. I was trying to spray it onto my cheek when it bounced off and hit the bridge of my nose, which is REALLY close to my eyes. For the other side of my face, I decided to shield my eye before spraying.

A little spray does not produce much pilling, Rather, I had to spray 3 full pumps on each cheek to fully coat it to start the balling process. One pump spread over my cheek barely created any pilling. It did take off some dead skin but my face was still flaky today. So I don't think this is a very effective peeling product.

Edit 2:I just had my first bad reaction with skincare. I used this while I was in the shower since i didn't want to wash my face after I get out of the shower. I sprayed it a few more times after I already had some balled up. Maybe that was wrong thing to do? Because the skin near my jawline started to feel really weird. When I touch the area, there are clumps there, like dead skin clumps stuck there. When I tried to take it off, it hurt like heck as it was stuck on the fine hairs on my face. I had to use my konjac sponge without water to rub it off.

There was no visible redness on my skin and it didn't feel different. However, whenever I put something in the area, my skin keep on tingling. I immediately put Benton snail essence on it and it tingles. I put on snail creams and aloe gels, the area is still tingling. No matter what I do the area is still tingling with no visible redness. I don't like what this spray did to my skin so I am dumping this in the garbage. :(

dearberry Pure & Popular White Clay Pack 100 ($12)
The white clay deeply cleanses sebum and skin impurities piled up in the pores and tighten enlarged pores. The organic aloe vera extracts soothe and moisturize the skin. The mask is supposed to be dry up after 10 minutes and rinsed off with warm water. The pack will leave your skin feeling silky soft. 

The clay pack is wrapped in plastic and I have the volcanic heating clay from Jeju box. So I am not opening up this item just yet. May give it to my brother since he have tons of blackheads.

Mizon Hyaluronic Ultra Suboon Cream 45ml ($19 $6.60+shipping)
The facial cream contains over 30% of pure hyaluronic acid which effectively pull in and lock in moisture and nutrition. It also contain various natural ingredients, oil, and ceramide which also work to hold in the moisture and soothe sensitive skin. The forumla is free of paraben, aritificial colouring and artificial fragrance.

30% of hyaluronic acid?! I want to try this so bad! I have the Rich cream from moisture surge and the inclusion of hyaluronic acid just make the cream melt on my skin. I have to say I am a fan of hyaluronic acid. However, I have so much serums and moisturizers. I decided to not open the tube so it could last until I am ready to use it. But I am very excited to try it once I am through with my moisturizer! 

Pure Smile Original Mask Sheet ($1) 
The mask was randomly selected from sea weed and pearl. I got seaweed. Yay!! I love eating seaweed! Why not have it on my face? As long as it doesn't smell like seaweed. :P The mask is enriched with a blend of hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, collagen, and seaweed extracts. I cannot find much information as to what the mask is supposed to be for. But with the inclusion of the hyaluronic acid I am assuming it is to be moisturizing.

Another mask! My selection of masks is just adding up and I am excited to try it!

The Little Mermaid box is not as great as the Earth & Sea box, but the items included does fit the theme. Most items contains some sort of ingredients that relates to the sea. I like the fact that the items are all skincare related so I can use it, just not the soap.

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