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Memebox Princess Edition #6 - Cinderella

Sorry for the sudden influx of posts. I am just trying to separate all of my products into different boxes and didn't want to dig out different boxes when I am doing a post on a box. So I chose the easy way of doing all the posts now. 

Cinderella is my favourite fairy tale of all times. Like the Little Mermaid, I like the original fairy tale, not the Disney version. So I was expecting some make up but hoped for some skincare as well. But boooy was I wrong. This box is pretty much all make up. For someone who barely wear make up, this is a dud box. -__- Waste of $29 but I am hoping I will find a home for these products.  

**The price listed is from the product cards unless otherwise specified. **
Eclaire Color Blast Lip Cream with Matte Finish 5ml ($29)

The lip cream has a vegetable oil based formula that is gentle and moisturizing. It prevents dehydration of your lips by creating a moisture lock-in layer. 

The lip cream is randomly selected from #01 Rhodes, and #06 Santorini. Given the way it was listed on the product card, I really thought I was going to break my bright pink lip tint curse. But when I opened the box. Nope.. Bright pink again! 5/5 in lip products that is bright pink. Urg! Going into the gift pile. 

Color World  Setting Powder 30g ($24)
The setting powder was randomly selected from orange and lavender. I think I got lavender? The setting powder has a silky and fine texture that smooth away fine lines and imperfections while it sets your make up in place. It adds a velvety finish to any make up or for that extra color and coverage when applied alone.
I have these Etude House make up setting spray and it seems to work pretty well. So I have no use for the setting powder. I am not sure what differs between orange and lavender and what effect is has. Is my lack of make up knowledge finally showing how much of a newbie I am to make up?

Eclaire  Color-Blast Blusher #Santorini Coral P 3.5g ($32)
This is a soft and sheer coral, pressed powder blush. It is designed to be worn alone or layered together for more depth.

I never used a blush before and I like this colour. Unfortunately I don't know if I have a blusher brush so I need to figure that out and see if the blush will make me look like a clown. I like how the blush came in its own plastic container and then a plastic case. Just so it would not break apart in transit and cover the case in loose powder. That is quite considerate. I think this may be one of the only items in the box that I will keep. Once I figure out if the colour will actually suit me.

Tonymoly BCDation AllMaster SPF30 PA++ 20g ( $9.60 Full sized 50g at $24)
This multi-functional BCDation is a makeup base, a BB cream, a CC cream and a foundation all in one. It corrects, blurs, and balance out the skin tone. As well as moisturizes, lifts and adds extra volume for a silky smooth 3D complexion. 

I already have a BB cream from Tonymoly and a CC cream from Etude House. So I am not opening this BB cream to swatch. I barely use those BB and CC creams as it is. No need to have another opened product sitting around disintegrating. Will give this to my friend, hoping it won't be too light for her.

Anis Double Act Curling Essence 200g (6) 
The curling essence is enriched with grape seed oil and various natural moisturizers to deliver nourishment and firmness to hair. It also act as a hair styler to strengthen your curls and hold them in place.

Again, I am lazy so I don't curl my hair. That takes too long. Unless I have a party, I am not going to spend an hour curling my hair. Though with the company Christmas party coming, this may come in handy.

Macqueen  Concealer Dual Veil 8g ($14)
The concealer is randomly selected from #21 and #23. I got #21. I have no idea what that means. This is how much of a noob I am with make up. 

The dual concealer consist of a cover stick on one end to erase red spots and blemish scars and a liquid concealer on the other for evening out unbalanced skin tone or highlighting T-zone and under eye area. 

I did a swatch from the liquid concealer side. I blended in and since I am such a noob. I cannot see any difference. I guess it did kind of covered up where my vein was? No idea. I guess I have to keep on playing with it to learn how to use it. Or give it away.

Ladykin  At the Party Long & Perm Mascara 8ml ($10)

The mascara offers to produce 24 hour long, voluminous lashes. The round, ball-like brush works as a second step volumizer which allows you to add extra curl and volume to different parts of your lashes. 

The ball-like brush is definitely the selling point of the mascara. I haven't seen any mascaras like this one. I currently am using the Kiss Me waterproof mascara and that is my holy grail mascara. Since the Ladykin mascara does not indicate whether it is waterproof mascara, I am not going to switch over just yet. When my Kiss Me mascara dries out, maybe I will switch over to this one.


Like I said in the beginning. This is full of make up. I cannot use most of the products since I barely put on make up. This is considered to be a dud box for me. But out of so many great boxes, one must have one or two dud boxes right? So I am not too upset over it.

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