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Memebox Special #40 - Head-To-Toe

Memebox special $40 Head-to-Toe was one of the first boxes I ordered. It was $29 + $6.99 shipping. It took about 14 days to get to me via registered mail. I was hoping for peeling feet masks (can you tell I am obsessed with those masks?) and that was it. What I got was actually quite a surprise. But a nice surprise. The Head-to-Toe box was just restocked today so if you are interested, head on over to Memebox to get your own box. :)

The lighting is quite dark as I took it late at night. 

**The price listed is from the product cards unless otherwise specified. **

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Collagen Coating Protein Ion Injection 50 ml $34  $18
I absolutely love my tub of Elizavecca Water Coating Aqua Brightening mask. I use it almost every day and loves to wake up to a dewy and slightly sticky face. So when I saw the little piggy in the box, I was excited!

This is essentially a leave in hair conditioner/essence. So this is the head part of the "head to toe". The essence contains ceramide 3, collagen extracts, bean protein extracts, and various plant extracts. It promises to deliver real protein and nutrition to your hair and transform flaky, damaged hair to silk smooth hair.

I used a dime sized portion and applied it on the ends of my hair. The essence does what it advertised. Immediately after I put it on, my hair felt silkier and had a shine to it. I really like the effect of it. I think I prefer this over the Camelia oil, which always left my hands oily. The essence have a light scent, it kind of reminds of a cooling mask. The scent is not overly powerful, unlike my Batiste dry shampoo (The tropical scent is so strong I feel like I have a cloud of scent above my head every time I use it). But I am sensitive to smell near my face so I end up tying up my hair to avoid it. Will still use it in the future as the scent is not too offensive.

Tosowoong Micro Face Towel 50g $11
A face towel?? Okies... I guess we are still on the head part. The towel is very soft and squishy, it felt like there was a sponge in between.

The towel is soft to the touch due to its microfibers. By using this towel, you would be able to eliminate dead skin, exfoliate the surface skin, remove excess sebum and blackheads, and provide a deep pore cleansing. I will be giving my acne prone brother this towel as I am perfectly happy with my Konja Cleansing Sponge from Julep.

Tosowoong Time Shift Serum 20ml $41  $34.90 + $2.99 Shipping

No serum (left) & Serum (right) 
The Time Shift Serum contains black yeast, niacinamide, adenosine, orange oil, camomile flower oil, kelp extract and lavender oil. It is boasted to whiten and reduce wrinkles while keeping your skin hydrated. The serum is milky semi-translucent and has little scent that kind of reminds me of a Chinese marinade. Though the scent goes away pretty quickly..

I tested it out on the back of my hand and I feel like there was an effect. The area with the serum felt softer and appeared to be finer. Definitely will keep it, just need to figure out if my skin can handle both a cream and a serum.

EDIT: I tried it last night with only the peeling toner from the From Jeju box and then the serum. I used two pumps and that was more than enough. I had to pat some of it in so definitely only need one pump. The serum absorbs quickly and left my skin soft. I woke up in the morning and my skin is still very soft and not sticky like when I use the sleeping packs. I am definitely going to keep this in my routine now.
ProYou Body Scrub Peeling Emulsion 150ml $43
This scrub contains numerous ingredients that is designed to help your skin. It contains shea butter and vitamin E to protect the skin's moisture level while the finely grounded jojoba gently rubs away dead skin. It also contains rosemary, chamomile, centella asiatica, green tea and licorice extracts.

I am not sure why this is called a body scrub peeling emulsion, it just seems to be a body scrub for me. The scrubs reminds me of a finer version of the St. Ives Apricot Scrubs. I went through a phase where I would only use that to wash my face and my body. I liked the grittiness of the St.Ives version but I now know it is damaging for the skin. The jojoba grounds is very fine so I barely felt it against my skin. My skin felt less dry after using it, especially now we are hitting the winter season. Definitely will keep it in my bathroom and continue to use it.

KSkin Bulgarian Rose Premium Feminine Secret Cleanser 200ml $15
No.. Just... NO..... Just no.... I have spoken with friends in the medical field and they do not recommend putting anything besides water near your privates. It could change the pH and cause bacterial infections. So please do not use it. If you wish to, please consult a physician before you proceed.

Why does Memebox send out these items, and why does these items exist? I have no idea. I am only guessing but it would probably due to cultural differences. I know in Taiwan they have products like this cleanser as well as products to make you more "pink". But over here in North America, the general consensus is do not use it. So.. I am chucking this into the garbage can.

 Milky Dress Foot Essence Sweat Free 30ml $22 $8.96 + Shipping
This foot essence contans camellia oil, green tea extracts, panthenol, and black bean extracts. It is supposed to help remove sweaty foul smell from your feet and help prevent sweat instigated heat rashes or itching.

I have no idea why I did a swatch on my hand but I did. A funny thing happened. I swatched it right before going to bed and I guess I didn't wash my hand properly (ew). So when I woke up I had a dry white crusty patch on my hand where I did the swatch. Ew...

The essence reminds me of these cooling leg slimming essence I bought before. It did have a cooling effect on my feet. Not sure if it does helps with the sweaty smell but my feet felt smoother against surfaces. Will have to keep on using it to see.

The box had a value of $133.85, it contained three head/face products, two body products and one feet products. So it is essentially a head to toe box.  I am currently using 4 out of the 6 items. I am absolutely in love with the serum, I am not kidding. This is the best box so far, despite the one cleanser.

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