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Memebox #76 While You Were Sleeping

Memebox Superbox $76 While You Were Sleeping was purchased with Foot Therapy. I have been contemplating the box ever since it came out. I want it since I assumed it would contain a sleeping pack and I love sleeping packs. When I got the box, I was impressed with the selection. It contains everything from head to toe. I kind of wished this was also the head to toe box too. 

**The price listed is from the product cards unless otherwise specified. **
A.H.C  Whitening Special Gen Skin Care Kit ($18)
This is a 3-step skin tone brightening kit including clarifying toner solution, soothing serum, and moisturizing cream. It includes natural ingredients such as green tea, lavender, sage, rose hip oil that will help repair the look of fine lines, skin discolourations, and dull-looking skin.

I am impressed they included another kit. I like kits as they make such a great travel kit. I am pretty pale so I don't really need whitening. But will definitely keep it in my stash of travel kits.

Dr.MJ Jasmine Sleeping Water Mask 75ml ($24)

The sleeping mask will reach deep into your skin to provide rich nutrition while soothing and brighten up your complexion. The scent of the mask will also help de-stress your body and mind while you are sleeping.

I knew that there will be a sleeping mask in the box! I like the pale purple colour of the mask and the fact that it contains jasmine. However, it doesn't smell like jasmine. Instead it smells a little like lavender. I think that is what made me felt so relaxed the next morning. The mask was absorbed quickly and did not feel sticky to the touch. The stickiness of the other sleeping pack was an annoying factor so this is a plus to the mask.This is a keeper and will use it after I am done with my Elizavecca mask.
Pure Smile Potion Pack Hand ($5)
The mask was randomly selected from Pearl, Royal Jelly and Hisbiscus. I got royal jelly which is great! Royal jelly is known to be quite moisturizing. These are glove-type of essence mask enriched with various nutrients such as collagen, allantoin, and aloe vera gel,  You are supposed to wear it like gloves for about 10 to 20 minutes. Then you are to remove the gloves and rub in the remaining essence.

I did not have a good experience with the Taiwanese hand mask. It leaked essence to the outside so I had trouble taping it up. It was not as moisturizing as I was expecting. I have a dry spot on the webbing on my hand and the mask barely did anything to it. I will try this mask in the future but I am a little hesitant at the moment. It also doesn't help that I get restless if I don't do something with my hands for more than a minute so it's hard for me to sit still and have a mask on for 10 minutes.
Grinif Queen of Rose Water Eye Cream 30ml ($50)
An eye cream?! That is what is missing in my routine and I have been hoping I would get one soon. Yay for having it in the While You Were Sleeping box.

The eye cream is formulated with rose water, collagen, peptide, macadamia seed oil, witch hazel extracts and various amino acids to deliver deep nutrition, intensive wrinkle care and tone balancing effect. 

The jar is quite small but I think it will last a while. I have been using it since I received it and I barely made a dent in the cream. Just a little dab of the cream is enough for one eye. The cream has a very light rose smell and is quite moisturizing without causing breakouts on my eyelids. Will keep using it until I run out, then I will be sad that I cannot buy a replacement. 

Grinif  Shea Butter Multi Balm 30ml ($13)
This nourishing multi-balm is enriched with shea butter, vitamin A, and Vitamine E. You can use it over dry patches on the face, lip and body, as well as the ends of your hair. It will not only replenish and nourish but also create a moisture barrier to prevent future dehydration.

This balm has a very light smell, not sure what it is but you can only smell it if you put it right next to your nose. The balm easily warms up to the touch and is pretty oily. I placed some on the dry patch on my hand and it melts onto my skin. However, it does not seem to be absorbing quickly so I had to rub it in and it does leave an oily residue. The balm worked well on the dry patch, I no longer have a dry patch. Will keep on using it on any dry patches I find and use it as an additional foot balm on really cold nights.

Mizon Olive Cocoa Butter Foot Cream 80ml ($9 $6.33+free shipping)
Yay! Another foot cream! I got two foot creams at once so I am still deciding which one I want to try first. This foot cream contains olive oil, cacao butter, Hyaluronic accid, glycerin, aloe vera leaf, beta glucan and carrot. The ingredients works together to provide rich moisture to your foot while protecting your skin from external damages and dehydration.

This sound so good I am tempted to use it first. Mizon has a good reputation and I really liked the samples I received from my order from RoseRoseShop. The foot cream smells kind of like TheYeon Canola hand cream I got from the Jeju box. It has the similar floral smell but not as strong (but that may be because of my stuffed up nose). It absorbs quickly and the swatch makes my hand feel super soft. Definitely need a good cream now we are in boots season, gives me enough time to make my feet super soft for the summer season.

Edit: This cream smells Sooo good. I loved it on my feet. It made my feet feel so soft. It really does sink in quickly and doesn't leave any oily foot prints. I would definitely repurchase this from RoseRoseShop.

Glam Up Highly Enriched Ampoule 13ml ($2)
This ampoule contains ingredients such as pseudoceramide, amino acid, hyaluronic acid extract, iris extract, arginine, betaine, chitosan extract, phytantriol and nature-originated PCA moisturizing ingredients. All of these ingrients make up the highly concentrated ampoule that support keratin production to help make hair appear fuller and more lustrous.

This is a very small bottle and from a website I found. This appears to be one treatment. So you are supposed to apply the full bottle to damp hair for 10 - 15 minutes. There is no clear indication as to whether you are supposed to wash it off or not. I am assuming not? Will give it a try if I remember to bring it into the bathroom.

Rose Mine Azulene Calming Gel 75ml ($29)
This blue calming gel is for soothing, cooling and moisturizing red, irritated skin, dry patches and even oily troubled skin suffering from excess blemishes. It contains chamomile extracts, guaiazulene, aloe vera powder, rose water from grasse and hyaluronic acid. 

When I squeezed out a little for a swatch, the gel is actually a clear gel. I think it is blue when you have a large quantity of it. The gel felt cool on the back of my hand and I like the light rose water smell. It is absorbed quickly into the skin but I don't think it is as moisturizing as some of the thicker moisturizers. But it is a good gel to have around when I have dry itchy skin or a sunburn. 


The total value of the box is $147.33 and I really like everything in the box. I mentioned it in the beginning and I will say it again. This box contains everything from head to toe and I love every product. I will use all of the products in the box so this is a great box! 

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