Sunday, 17 September 2017

23 Years Old - Aqua Bab Modelling Mask

You have no idea how EXCITED I was to have finally received my 23 Years Old  Aqua Bab Modelling mask. I been eyeing it for a while and when I saw it on sale at TesterKorea for like $12 +shipping, I decided to grab it. Then TK informed me it was out of stock and I was saddened by it. Luckily, I found RRS was also selling it at similar price. I grabbed it along with the other 23 Years Old masks and waited.. Then I waited... and waited.. and waited... =__= It took a month for customs to release the package and I impatiently waited for it to be delivered to me.. Then I didn't see it in my mailbox and was freaking out.. Till I realized it was mailed to my office instead. So.... Bit of a rollercoaster to get this mask. And it just amps up my excitement!!
Authenticity sticker!
Immediately, I decided to try the modelling mask. After all, it is the reason why I put in two big mask order within two weeks. 😅
The mask comes in a little package with a green bottom and a white lid. It contains 4 sets of: powder pack, gel pack and wooden stirrers. This isn't a bad price for a modelling mask and I love that they provide the gel pack so there is no guessing in how much liquid to put in. That's the issue I had with the previous modelling mask I have tried. You are also supposed to use that green bottom as a bowl to mix up the mask! I love that too since I don't really want to use one of my bowls to mix skincare items.
I decided to pour the gel pack into the bottom first, and then the powder pack. All you had to do then is to stir and mix it together. The mixture has a floral based perfume scent to it, I am not a big fan to be honest. It does linger so I can smell it every time I take a breath and even after I took off the mask.
The mixture is that of a thick gel consistency, which makes it an easy application with the wooden sticks provided. I was able to slap a THICK layer all over my face and a little bit down on my neck.
I was impressed with how thick the gel was, as it was dripping very very slowly while I was trying to finish slapping on the mask. That being said, I think is a lay down kind of mask just so it doesn't end up dripping a little bit while you are waiting for it to set/solidify.
The instructions said 20 minutes and then take it off. But my curiosity got me and I decided to touch it at 10 minutes. It was slimy and I can see a layer of "grease" on my finger every time I touch it. But it was solid, as in when I touch it, my finger doesn't go straight through to my skin.

I touched it again at 20 minutes and it was still the same slimy touch to it so I wasn't sure if it's time to take it off.  But I decided I'll follow the instructions and start to peel off an edge on the jawline and it just started the whole peeling process. It was painless, gravity did all of the job. The mask just started to drop off from my mask. And it didn't even pull a single hair off of my eyebrows. XD
The mask left so much essence on my face, it was so shiny and tacky until the essence was absorbed. It made my skin feel firmer and well moisturized, but it also made my skin feel kind of tight. Not sure what that means. 😅But whenever I poked my skin, it bounced back a lot quicker and with more bounce. I was surprised to see it. Unfortunately, this didn't carry over to the next day. I lost that bounce.. NOOO!!! >_<

Overall, this was a fun experience. It made my skin feel moisturized, even though I lost the bounce the next day. I loved looking like a slime monster. This could be a good Halloween costume! I think I would buy this again if it's on sale!

Oh! Don't try to see how the modelling mask would look like after you take it off. Curiosity got the best of me so I left the removed masks on my sink. Within 2 hours, it started to leak this purplish liquid that has a very strong herbal smell. So. Unless you want a mess while you wait for it to dry out, don't bother.


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