Saturday, 16 September 2017

Skylake - Mask Pack

Hi all~~ I decided I am gonna try and do reviews of the masks on both IG and here as I have more time now 😄 Let's see how it goes~

This is a catch up post as I posted the review of the Skylake mask pack last week but didn't have time to transcribe over here. My apologies~

I had grab this Skylake mask from TesterKorea a while ago, but I totally forgot what flavour it is as they are the same packaging for all of the different flavours. Good ole' Google Translate told me this is to clean and revitalize dull skin.

One thing I am kind of irked about the packaging is that the printing is slightly off, so the images are kind of blurry and kind of makes me think it's a fake. But I got it from TK and that's a reputable place to get products so I know it's authentic. Just unfortunate that Skylake printed it this way so it kind of looks fake.

Moving along.

I was hesitant to try to this mask because it's hanbang scented. I know, I bought it because it's hanbang but at the same time I am not particularly fond of hanbang scents. This had a very strong hanbang scent, reminding me of the root type of traditional Chinese medicine. It was pretty strong and I was thinking I would rip it off my face as soon as it made contact. But to my surprise, I was okay with it on my face. The dominant scent I can smell was licorice root. A little earthy and a little sweet. It was noticeable when I ever take a breath, and it lingered after I took off the mask. Which I wasn't too pleased about but luckily my emulsion covered it.

The mask is a cotton? sheet mask that is soaked in a clear essence. There wasn't much essence left in the package but I am totally okay with it.

The mask itself was a good fit with just a little bit of too much flap for the forehead. It also has a neck piece, which is just a long piece of mask. I tried to put it on my neck but it would not stay on unless I laid down.

Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how long I am to keep the mask on, so I just figured I'll leave it on until it starts to feel dry or separate from my face. Which turned out to be about 20 minutes, at which point, the mask was feeling slightly moist.

The extra essence sunk in quickly and did not feel tacky to the touch. It made my skin feel cool for about 10 minutes which was a surprise to me, but a good surprise. I think it did make my skin look a bit brighter and the smaller breakouts I noticed has gone down. But the neck piece was negligible, it was a meh experience wearing it, like I have a wet piece of paper on my neck. XD

Overall, I liked the result of the mask but I don't know, to me it's a *shrug* kind of mask. I liked it, but I don't think I will go out of my way to get another one. Especially when my mask collection have so many different masks for me to try still.


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