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Memebox #73 Brigten & Correct

This is the last Memebox I received, but I still got one last box to review. I am saving my favourite for the last. 

The Brighten & Correct was $23 + 6.99 shipping. It contains 5 items, including another serum that is due to expire within a year.  


**All prices listed are from product card unless otherwise stated**

Ariul Spa Water 24hours Moisturizing De-tox Mask 100ml ($26)
Product Description: Ariul's daily cleanser - Spa Water 24hours Moisturizing Detox Mask - creates hydrating and pore clarifying bubbles that penetrate deep into the skin. It effectively removes all pore-clogging impurities and blackheads for good! These sparkling bubbles will not only leave your skin spick-and-span but also deliver deep moisturizing, brightening, and tightening results! Highly recommended for those who suffer from dry and easily irritated skin, this detoxifying mask will detox and clarify without stripping the skin of natural oils.

Thoughts: I liked the brand's design when I saw it in the Earth & Sea box and was sad I kept on missing the box. So to see a product from the same line in the Brighten & Correct makes me so happy! This product sounds like it is a similar products like Elizavecca Milky Piggy Bubble Clay mask. That it bubbles up upon contact with your skin while providing a cleanse to your skin. 
The mask is a pearly white solution that is really floral but does remind me of a generic brand soap. I had it as a huge glop on the back of my hand and it takes a while to bubble up. So definitely spread it thin for it to start bubbling. The bubbles are fine if you spread it thin but if it's in a big glop, then it forms big bubbles. When I went to wash it off, I could feel a layer of film on the back of my hand that took a few more rinses to remove. After my hand is dried, it feels super silky, even the fingers that touched the foam feels super silky. I like how silky my skin feels now. Keeping it just for the container. Don't know how often I will use it as I find the smell quite strong.

Edit: I decided to give this mask a try last night. While the smell bothered me when I swatched it, it didn't bother me at all when I had it on my face. I definitely didn't know how to apply it properly. I kept on having bubbles foaming while trying to apply more in the area. It was weird having the bubbles foaming, especially around my nose. While washing it off, I felt that layer of film on my face and had to double wash to make sure I got it off. I washed my face again with a foam cleanser and didn't notice dramatic changes to my skin.  

A.H.C Hologram Collection Whitening Serum 50ml ($89)
Product Description: This Hologram Collection Whitening Serum consists of a highly concetrated blend of acerola berry, camu camu berry, niacinamide, ice plant, hyaluronic acid, kiwi, and tomoato - all effective natural ingredients for moisturizing and revitalizing the skin to bring out clearer, brighter complexion.

Thoughts: After receiving 3 items that has a shorter shelf life in The Next Best thing, one of which is the A.H.C Hologram Collection. I had to double check on the expiration date. Unfortunately, this one also has a short expiration date of November 14, 2015. Sigh. Now I have two serums I gotta go through before the end of the year. Urg. Definitely passing one of them onto my mom or friend. 

The CosDNA analysis indicates there are quite a few acne and irritant triggers. The most problematic one is the denatured alcohol. I talked about it a few times already. The alcohol could be good and could be bad depending on your skin type and the ingredients it's combined with. So with this one, just swatch it and see if your skin becomes irritated. 

The serum goes on like a gel and takes a while to sink in. In fact, it feels really stick on the back of my hand. I don't know if I want to use this or throw it away since it is $89.

Edit: I tried this as a serum last night since I passed off the other AHC serum to my brother yesterday. So far so good, I haven't broken out and my skin feels the same. Though I didn't get the creamy swirls until after I finished applying to my face. So we will see how the creamy swirls will do.

Edit: I have been using the serum instead of my Tosowoong AP Timeshift serum for a few days now. Despite the addition of denatured alcohol, my skin doesn't seem to hate it. I take back what I said about the serum being slow to sink in. Once the creamy swirls comes into play, the serum becomes creamier and it takes a couple of minutes to sink in. Since my skin doesn't hate it, I will use up this serum first before going back to my Tosowoong serum.

LadyKin Broccoli Super Brightening Cream 60ml ($14)
Product Description: This brightening cream contains 75% of broccoli extract which has antioxidant effect. Strengthened by vitamin C and E, it calms, heals and brightens the skin. This product diminishes the appearance of uneven skin tone, dark spots, age spots and fine lines as it energies and rehydrates skin. Suitable to be used on both facial and body 

Thoughts: The LadyKin broccoli toner is raved by quite a bit of Memeboxers. They were really hoping for an item from the Broccoli line in the Green Food box but was disappointed there wasn't any. Instead, it showed up in the Brighten and Correct box. I am happy to receive it to try out the line. But since I am DROWNING in creams and serums, this cream remains unopened until I am ready to use it. 

Here is the CosDNA analysis of the cream which shows only a couple of triggers.

Boscians Cycle Repair Whitening Spot 15ml ($24 $9.27)
Product Description: This Cycle Repair Whitening Spot contains green bud complex which re-activates the skin's balanced cycle for reducing signs of uneven skin tone and darkened spots and brightening up the overall complexion. Rich blend of hyaluronic acid deeply hydrates dry, dull skin leaving it supple and soft. 

Thoughts: This has been in two previous boxes, Fermented Cosmetics #2 and Luckybox #9. But luckily it does have an expiration date in 2016. So this is good to use. 

I have quite a few sun spots and freckles thanks to my mom (genetic wise) and the lack of sunscreen usage. They are not too noticeable far away but REALLY noticeable up close. So I am looking forward to using this and see if it will lighten the spots. When I opened it up, the cream just spilled out. It's a very light semi opaque white cream. I used the spillage on my spots and it feels like a little goes a long way. Just wish it would stop spilling out so I don't waste any products.

Edit: I been using it for a few days now. I keep on getting these light tinglings on the areas I placed the spot treatment. So definitely don't put too much on. The tinglings go away after a few minutes but when I first put it on, my eyes were slightly watering from the overdose of the treatment. Haven't noticed much whitening though.

WITHME White Perfection Hydrating Cream 120ml ($43)
Product Description: This White Perfection Hydrating Cream contains over 24,000mg of silk concentrates and ocean complex. The silk formula rich in protein and amino acid effectively detoxifies the skin of melanin pigments while the blend of sea minerals and coral reef extracts deeply relieve and replenish dry, exhausted skin. 

Thoughts: This is a very pretty container. I couldn't stop looking at it. I can see the rainbow! 

The CosDNA analysis indicates there are few irritants but the ratings are not too high. I want to try this cream as it is hydrating as well whitening. But as mentioned before, I am drowning in creams so this is going into my pile. Though the expiration stamp smudged for the year so I have no idea when it expires. :( 

Overall Thoughts: This box contains products that I want to try, except for the AHC Whitening Cream. Will have to swatch it few more times before deciding if I want to chuck it or keep it. Not a bad last box for 2014. 

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