Saturday, 3 January 2015

RoseRoseShop Haul #3

I did a mini haul at RoseRoseShop as I found the cutest Etude House hand creams with protruding feet and removable shoes. I tried to do it for my TesterKorea haul but unfortunately the lip balm was not available. So I decided to go with RoseRoseShop. 

Etude House Don't Worry Hand Cream - Doran Doran ($3.85)
This is the whole reason why I placed the order. I like it lots! It's so cute! Look at the exposed belly button and the removable shoes! So cute!

I couldn't decide between the powdery citrus and floral citrus. I didn't want a super strong flowery hand cream so I settled on powder citrus. That was the WRONG decision. I can't put my finger on it, but it reminds me of a baby lotion or a drug store hand cream. Just a scent that I don't like and won't put on my hands.

Etude House Don't Worry Happy Change Lip Balm in Doran Doran ($3.85 + shipping)
The lip balm is really cute, having the same face as the hand cream. The lip balm doesn't have a strong smell to it and transforms into a peachy colour on the lips. It is quite moisturizing as well. I like the colour on me, but every time I use it, I feel like I have lipstick on.

It's Skin Macaron Lip Balm No.04 Pineapple ($3.99)
I really like macarons, not the actual taste, but the making of it. So when I saw the macaron lip balm on sale at Memebox I really wanted to buy it. Unfortunately, it's USA only. With me being in Canada, I had to find another source. So I included it with my Etude house items.

The lip balm is HUGE! I totally forgot I ordered it and was wondering what the huge wrapped thing is. It was the lip balm!

The lip balm smells like fresh pineapples at first, but then it smells like chemicals. =__= When it's on my lips, it still had that chemical smell. Yet at the same time, I could also smell the crushed pineapples. Such conflicting smell. The balm went on smooth and feels quite moisturizing. It goes on shiny but not tacky at all. I think if I could make the choice again, I would choose something that doesn't have such a prominent chemical smell. 

Unfortunately for me, this time I got the bottle sample instead of foil samples. The bottle samples are bigger but that means less choices to try from. I couldn't figure out what the product is. I had to dig through the website to figure out what they are. They looks to be the Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Water Sample.


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