Saturday, 3 January 2015

RoseRoseShop Haul #2

So I was bored and didn't have anything buy from Memebox so I decided to buy from RoseRoseshop and its free shipping items. They have quite a few Mizon products under free shipping, you just have to pay $2.50 tracking fee. It is a very good deal. 

Banila co Clean It Zero samples 4pc ($4.32)

 These Clean It Zero samples comes highly recommended by bloggers as it is a very good makeup remover and oil cleanser. Though some have reported the cream caused them to break  out. I thought getting the sample is a great way to see if it is a good product to use. The samples are not actually under the free shipping tab, instead  you can find it under the Banila&co section.

Mizon Mojito Punch Pore Toner 150ml ($10.08)
This was in the Step by Step Memebox. When it should have been in the Apple Mojito box. I bought it so I could have some additional toner. However, I got more after I placed the order so.. Oops. Will hold off on using it.

I also bought the sample boxes for Nature Republic and Skinfood. These are sample boxes that comes with a pair of earrings and 9 samples.

The earrings. They are pretty cute. Korean jewelry are really sturdy. 

Nature Republic Sample box ($5)
I love sample boxes as it gives me a chance to find what's in their product line and what is suitable to me. It is also easy to throw it in a bag when I am travelling. I also like how the sample box has mostly skincare instead of makeup... *Cough* Etude

Skinfood ($5)
Skinfood has a big following online and the Skinfood Memebox was kind of disappointing. So I got the sample box to see what other products they have. I like the selection as it is all skincare items! Yay! 

RoseRoseshop gives out samples with every order. I got lucky and got the foil samples. I got three samples from Missha, one from Mizon, and one from Innisfree. I already used the Innisfree cleanser when I went to Lake Louise and it smells JUST like apples. It also did a great job removing my glittery eye shadow and all my makeup. I already tried the super Aqua stuff from my previous haul, they are quite good! 

I am happy with my order even though most are samples. They are enough to satisfy my wish to order some skincare items without breaking the bank. 


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