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Memebox Superbox #81 - 1st Anniversary Box

Can't believe it! Memebox is already a year old! I came to the game too late, so I thought I HAD to get the anniversary box to celebrate their first year anniversary! 

The box was $29 + 6.99 shipping. The box took a while to get to me but I am glad to receive it before Christmas. I have to say, for an anniversary box, this is kind of a let down. I would have thought Memebox would have curated a much better box than this. 

 **All prices listed are from product cards unless otherwise stated **

Tosowoong Bee AC Control Lotion or Bee AC Control Toner 100ml ($15 $12.50)
Product Description: Tosowoong's Bee AC Control series is formulated from naturally derived ingredients - bee venom, galactomyces, and bifida ferments - that effectively soothe and neutralize acne-prone or stimulated skin.. This skin care line is especially recommended for those with sensitive, problematic skin that receives damage easily from dryness and the external environment.

Thoughts: I like Tosowoong's lines so I am happy to receive another product from them. However, I got the mist? The product card says lotion or toner. The instruction says apply toner directly with your hands or use a cotton pad. So it's obviously not a spray. So why does the product card has a picture of the mist and I have a mist??? After looking on their website, it looks like Memebox mislabeled the mist. The Bee AC control line contains essence, lotion and mist. There is no toner in the line.  

The spray is okay. It does not produce very fine mist. After two pumps, I have water dripping down my hand. I think I prefer the aloe mist I received. The solution contains the same V. Berry complex as the ones in the Syn-ake line. It did make the back of my hand very moist. Not sure what I will do with it. Now I have 4 mists to deal with.  

I don't really think this is very new or exciting item to receive in an anniversary box. I expect to be wowed. I think I would have liked to received the Propolis Sparkle Ampoule instead. It's still from Tosowoong and it is a tad more expensive. But it's so much more interesting, it would be so much nicer to receive an ampoule instead of a mist.

Edit: I gave this to my brother to use as a moisturizer. Yes I know it's not really a moisturizer but he has oily skin and I was getting worried his skin was starting to act up again while using A.H.C's hologram serum. So I decided to make him give this a try since he has oily skin. So far so good! He's been using it for a week or two and his face is no longer splotchy. His routine is now Etude House Wonder Pore toner, Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence, Tosowoong AC Bee AC Toner, and Ciracle Red Spot Cream. It seems to be a good routine for him as he no longer has angry red acne spots. All of those are dried up on his face. He has a normal skin tone now! Yay~! Just hoping there will be no scars. *knock on wood*

Unni Recipe Make Your Skin Smooth Firming Pact SPF25 PA++ #21 LightBeige 12g ($24)
Product Description: Most cushion pacts offer flawless coverage along with strong adherence but only end up choking the skin all day, which ultimately brings about dehydration, break-outs, and premature aging. However, this innovative Unni Recipe pact helps skin breathe through and over full makeup. Its moist, cushiony formula is infused with a mix of galactomyces, bifida, and lactobasillus ferments and Unni Recipe's special 'Silky Balance Network'. It smoothly coats over skin with a natural coverage and leaves skin feeling soft and revitalized. 

Thoughts: This is a pretty big compact but I like it's simple design. I also the interior where there is a separate compartment for the sponge so the powder would not get loose everywhere when sitting in your bag. 

I tried this over and over again in different lighting to make sure I wasn't going crazy. I even dipped my finger in there to make sure I actually got some. Yes I know it's unsanitary but I don't really mind. I had to be sure. Why I had to be sure? Well. This appear to be the FIRST compact or BB/CC cream that matches me! I just couldn't believe it. That's why I tried it so many times. But each time, I couldn't find any shade difference. YAY!!!! The compact is really smooth and feels really light weight. I can't wait to use it! 

Though this is a success for me, it doesn't mean it's a success for others. There are many ladies out there who are not super pale like me. To receive a compact in an anniversary box that you can't use kind of sucks. But it is a great product, you just have to be super pale.

A.H.C Whitening Cream SPF35 PA++ 30ml ($38 $22.28 + shipping)
Product Description: Skin brightening is with no doubt one of the most sought-after features that Korean women take into consideration when purchasing skin care or base makeup products. This AHC Whitening Cream combines moisturizing cream, sunblock, brightening cream, and complexion correcting cream to provide the ultimate 4-in-1 multi-care. A vitamin-rich blend of niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, lemon, kakadu plum, kamu kamu berry and betaine deeply replenishes dry, damaged skin and visibly corrects uneven skin tone to create the signature dewy, translucent complexion so adored by Korean women.

Thoughts: My first thought was this is the full sized version of the whitening cream from the travel kit in While You were Sleeping. But I looked again, it's not the same. It's a different one with sun protection. This is a good product for someone who's lazy like me. Now I don't have to remember to put on my sunblock. Good product to have in the box.

RiRe Cool Dr.Scalp+ 10ml &  Hot Speed Manicure 15ml ($11 $1.50 + $4.00)
Product Description: Enriched with various oriental medicinal extracts, the Cool Dr.Scalp+ works to cool down the scalp temperature for preventing possible hair loss and also to remove unnecessary impurities and dead skin cells from your scalp for both healthier scalp and hair. Then, there's the Hot Speed Manicure which works to penetrate deep into the hair cuticles, deliver abundant nutrition and creates a strong protein layer for maintaining the healthy moisture balance of your hair. 

Thoughts: I am pretty sure this has been a box or two before. A quick Google search showed that this was in Memebox Superbox #37 At Home. The box was shipped out in August 2014. I am pretty sure there is another box these two are included in, but not sure which one. Now these are not items to be included in a box that is touting to be the best anniversary box. This is more like a cheap stocking stuffer. Just not a great item for an anniversary box. 

That being said, I am looking forward to try the Cool Dr.Scalp+ as I have really dry scalp. I want to see it remove the dead skin so I can stop walking around with random flecks of dandruff flying around.

RiRe Capsule Mask Pack 75ml ($22 $13.95)
Randomly selected from Moisture, Whitening, Anti-Aging
Product Description: Is your skin suffering from constant dehydration this winter? This innovative spray-type mask pack is here to save the day. A mix of adenosine, niacinamide, cherry blossom, evening primrose, and violet extracts rich nutrients and instant moisture resurge to dry, sensitive skin. 

Thoughts: I got the pack I wanted! I love moisture stuff. It's a cute capsule packaging. I like the little pink cap. 

The mask pack smells really nice, just a little light floral smell that reminds me of gui hua from China. It's really nice. Two pumps and the pack stays on the back of my hand as is. After I spread it out, it still takes a while for the pack to sink in. While it was sinking in, the pack has a cooling effect on my hand. In fact, the back of my hand feels cold to the touch. Once it is absorbed, my skin feels really soft and slightly tacky to the touch. I like the concept of the mask but due to its cooling effects, I think it's best suited for summer usage. 

Overall Thoughts : I was really excited to receive this box as I was hoping to receive some really interesting and awesome products in the box. Instead, I got a box with six items with total value of only $78.23. Compared to the previous box, skincare elixir , the value is so much lower. I only really like the Unni Recipe compact and the AHC Whitening Cream. The box is not a great celebratory box, instead it's more of a normal Memebox. Disappointed that Memebox can't even curate a good box to celebrate their first anniversary.

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