Saturday, 10 January 2015

Chevron Blanket

I bought two big balls of Bernat Baby Blanket yarn and was going to use Purlbee's Chevron baby blanket pattern to make a warm blanket for my new place. This is my new goal for 2015 and I really hope I finish it before I move.

Attempt #1
Yup, you read the caption right. That is attempt #1, where I used 4.00mm needles and single yarn. The end result was that the chevron looks more like scalloped edges. The scallops/chevrons are so small it doesn't look great great. I was hoping for a larger pattern. So I took it all out and switched to a larger needle. 

I forgot to take a picture of attempt #2, where I  used 4.5mm. The scallops are bigger but it felt really thin. I look at the instructions again where I saw they advised to double the yarn. That led to taking apart what I did and rolled my yarn skeins to giant balls, got thicker yarn needles to start attempt #3.  

Attempt #3
I really like attempt #3 so far. It has the thickness I was looking for and the chevron is bigger though it still looks like scallops. I like it so far and moved onto the second colour. Trying to knit a little bit every day and massive knitting on the weekend. Though it looks like I need another two balls. There's also a scarf pattern I want to do as well. So yay! More knitting projects for 2015!


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