Monday, 26 January 2015

Crepes & Cravings

This is a super belated food post.. Oops.. I been meaning to do it but then got caught up with my Memebox posts and then been knitting. Finally remember to do it now but I don't really recognize the food.. Dumb move I know.. 

Anyways.. Back on subject. Back in November, my friend and his fiancee came down to visit family and moi in cowtown. Another friend just moved back from Vancouver so we decided to have brunch at Crepes & Cravings at 17th Ave. We chose the place as it had a high rating on Urban Spoon and it was a central location for all of us... I was from the deep south and they were from the deep North. 
Look at the giant jars of Nutella!!!
My friends from Edmonton and I arrived early and I was surprised at how small the store is. I wasn't expecting two small tables and two bar stands. The table for four was already taken by two grandmas so we settled in this little table designed for two people.

South of the Border
The person behind the counter was very friendly, he was answering our random questions and giving us suggestions. After waiting for about 10 minutes or so, my Vancouver friend finally arrived and we placed our order. I ordered the Ninja, which has chicken breast with vegetables in a peanut satay sauce. My friends ordered the South of the Border (it came highly recommended by the worker), Ham, Egg, and Cheese, and .. I can't remember.. Sorry! **I would post my picture of the menus but it's so blurry it's not worth the try. But you can see their entire menu on the official website.**
Ham, Egg & Cheese

After we placed our orders, the restaurant filled up with two groups of fours and it got busy. So it took another 10-15 minutes for us to receive our orders.. It wasn't too bad though as we caught up with each other.

I really don't remember... 
When the food arrived, I was kind of surprised at the presentation. It was presented like a wrap, cut in half placed on a paper plate. I was actually expecting it to be wrapped in a cone shape like the Japanese sweet crepes. That's my bad... 
The Ninja
The Ninja wrap was pretty good but not very filling. The crepe is very light, barely had a taste to it. While I was eating it, I kept on thinking it is the perfect base for all the different toppings. The filling for the Ninja was slightly drenched in sauce. It is supposed to be tossed in a peanut satay sauce but it reminds me more of those Asian sesame dressings. Overall I liked the crepe but I am not sure if I am willing to pay $9 for it again. It's just too small of a portion for me to justify the price tag. (Yes I eat like a pig..)

As we were leaving, the worker came over and offered us each a scoop of gelato for the long wait. I guess he must have been the owner or the manager. That was a really nice gesture! I picked the coconut gelato and it was really good! It was creamy, full of the coconuty taste but not too sweet. I liked it a lot. Though I think I still prefer Village Ice Cream's coconut ice cream the most! That is made with coconut milk and it's ooh sooo good... I been drooling over it since I ever had it.. *Drool*

My coconut gelato.. Thank you! 


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