Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Sasa Haul

Back in December, Sasa had a no limit free shipping deal. I couldn't resist such a good deal! I ordered 4 items for just under $20 USD. 

It was a great deal but the shipping was atrocious. I ordered from them before and it always shipped out quickly and from Hong Kong. However, this time, it shipped out from Singapore. Nothing against Singapore but it just took so much longer than before. 

I placed the order of December 5th, and by 10th, I could not access my orders tab and no further communications from the company. I emailed for help so I could access my previous orders but they just replied back saying there are delays and to be patient. Um.. That wasn't my question.. Anyways, after I sent the email, the package was sent out on the 12th. It took a three days before the tracking number was recognized by Canada Post and was shipped out. I did not receive the order until New Years Eve. That is 26 days from order to receiving. kind of long for such a small order. 

Holike Holika Aqua Fantasy Toner 
I admit, I got this bottle simply because I loved the bottle. It looks just like a water drop! How could I resist?! There was also a 25% off sale on the toner so it was only $12.40. It was just a deal I couldn't pass on! Of course I checked online reviews too, which was generally good reviews. 

I haven't tried the toner yet as I am still working through my stash of toners from  Memebox. Can't wait to try this toner as bloggers has stated this is a thicker toner, where you need to really shake the toner out of the bottle. Will update once I get to it. 

Skinfood Glacier Water Gel Mask. I didn't take a picture of this mask but I admit this was just randomly picked up due to its packaging again. Yes I am very guilty of buying things due to its packaging. But I know Skinfood is a pretty good brand so it can't be too bad right? Plus $1.90 for gel mask is a pretty good price. 

Sam Tin Cotton Pads (200)
I been eyeing cotton pads after seeing how I missed out on cotton pads from the November Etude sale. The ones we get here are so expensive and sucks so much! They are around $5 for 50-100 pieces. No matter what I do, I get tons of cotton fibers on my face. This stopped me from using toners for a while. 

These cotton pads costed $2.80 per box and I was pleasantly surprised it was Dr.Morita. I guess they used the Chinese name for the brand instead of Dr.Morita.

They call these cotton pads, but they are more like cotton sheets. It is a very thin but durable sheet of cotton. No matter how much I stretch it, I can't break it. No matter how soaked it is, I don't get any fibers stuck on my face. Instead, it removes the stray fibers on my face. 

I was lazy one day and decided to use a toner to wipe down my face. After a couple of swipes, I could see the cotton sheets turn yellow as it collected all the dirt. 

I really liked these cotton "pads" and would like to pick up more once they have another shipping event. Yes, the shipping was atrocious but since it was free I guess I could live with it. Plus, these wipes are really good! I need to stock it up for my mom, my brother and me! 


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