Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Holika Holika x Gudetama - Lazy & Joy Jelly Dough Blusher

I am back with my love for Gudetama~~ I just can't stay away from that eggy goodness. Hehehe. This time it's the Holika Holika x Gudetama Lazy & Joy Jelly Dough Blusher!
As you can see, the cushion blusher comes in 4 shades. 
I got OR01, which I think is apricot. Or at least I am calling it apricot. It was the lightest out of the four and more natural looking to me. 
Look how cute he is as a pudding!! 😍😍
I think I have a thing for cushions. They just make carrying cosmetics around so much easier. I can touch up my makeup any time, anywhere. 
This is a cushion blusher, so it is very similar to a BB cushion. It is much smaller but it still have the same components. The mirror, puff (it's Gude's face!), housing for the puff, and the blush cushion. 
Bwahahahaha!!! Look at that butt heading into the apricot! I love it! I also really enjoy the the fact that they turned this traditionally white housing into a clear one with printed picture. It really adds to the cuteness factor! 
The actual cushion part is where it differs from a traditional BB cushion. The traditional BB cushion is replaceable in that you can pop it out of the casing and replace it with a refill. The blush cushion on the other hand is not replaceable. It is a pan stuck in the bottom of the casing with the blush. 

I am not sure how to describe the texture of the cushion. In pictures it looks to be like a pressed powder blush, but it has a sponge-like texture in that you can squish it around. But the actual blush doesn't feel very wet to the touch, it actually feel and look powdery on skin. So it's a quite confusing texture. 
The cushion puff is white, so you can see how much product is picked up with each application. The instructions given on websites that sell it is to use small amounts and slowly build on it. So I tried to follow instructions and was careful to only apply a small amount. I was disappointed to see that it was not noticeable at all. 

In the end, I found that I often need at least two applications before I can even see it on my skin. So if you like to use a heavy hand with blush, this shade may not work for you. =__=
I can kind of see the blush on the after picture, but I have a little bit of a hard time seeing it. Maybe I should have colour corrected all the redness in my cheek before applying it. 

I bought this for the cuteness factor, and it definitely delivered in that area. The colour payoff is meh, and the texture is kind of weird. So I don't think I will buy another one from this set. But! If you are interested in buying this, you can find it at Jolse with free shipping or TK but with shipping cost. 


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