Tuesday, 14 February 2017

NYX Colour Correcting Concealer Palette

Today I am going to talk about Western makeup for once.. *Gasp! 😱 * My skincare routine and makeup are almost exclusively Asian brands, as I found them to be more suited for me. But today I am going to talk about the NYX Colour Correcting Concealer.

I have been considering getting some concealers as the bags under my eyes has gotten darker and I would like to cover them up. I tried Etude House's concealer, but that didn't quite work. I felt that it actually drew attention to the bags and made it so much more prominent. So I turned to good ol' Google, and found out that I should trying colour correcting concealers. Me being me, I initially purchased the A'Pieu version of a colour correcting concealer through TesterKorea. That was back in November... It's now February.. I STILL DON"T HAVE IT! p( Γ’ ‸ Γ“)q Stupid Canadian customs and Canada Post....

Anyways, I have to wear my contacts as they are about to expire.. (Yikes, that's an ongoing trend with me eh?) So I decided to look around. I seen NYX being tossed around as a popular colour correcting palette. I also seen Pony use it in one of her videos so I decided to look it in stores as I remember seeing NYX products before. But stupid me, I should've used the NYX store locator as all the store I hit did not carry it. Luckily, the Downtown Shoppers Drug Mart carry it and I headed down during lunch to grab it. This was a little over C$15, which make it close to C$17 after taxes. But on the NYX website, it's only C$14, with free shipping over $45. So if you are a fan of NYX, maybe get it from their website instead.
Unfortunately, the website nor the palette itself indicate what each of the shades are supposed to be for. But thank goodness for Google!
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Boo on this only having 12 months shelf life after opening! And whoa, it's made in Taiwan...
As you can see, I basically only use the mint & the peach pots. The rest are kind of useless to me. Maybe next time I will only buy these two colours instead.

The concealers all felt a little waxy to me, so it definitely need to be warmed up before it becomes spreadable. I prefer the dab method, but I have seen Pony put it on the back of her hand and coat her concealer brush with it. So the method is up to you.

Peach Concealer
As I have said before, the primary concern were the eye bags under my eyes. They are huge and dark and I need to cover it up. Unfortunately, I didn't think of taking a picture until I already dabbed some concealer on. ^__^;; But I do think it did lighten the dark circles though.

Mint Concealer

Another issue I have is that I have quite a bit of redness going on, so this where the mint concealer comes into play.
As you can see, I use a light hand with the dabbing, as I don't want to put on too much and have trouble blending it. But even with a light hand, the redness has been greatly reduced.
I feel like this picture is more noticeable for the mint concealer. The chin area was primarily red, but after applying the mint concealer, the redness is greatly reduced.
Here is a before and after picture, but I feel like because of the lighting, the before picture looks WAY better than the after picture.. Oops.. Folks, that's a what not to do with before and after pictures..         ( ´ ▽ ` )οΎ‰ But if you look closely, the under eye area looks less tired in the after picture.

Overall, I have to say I quite like the palette, I can apply a thin layer to cover up the concerning areas. Once it is blended out, I often don't need to apply a BB cushion on top. Which I like as the less make up I got on, the happier I am.  I am a bit annoyed that I am primarily going to use only 2/6 pots in the palette, so in the future, I am definitely going to buy only the peach & mint colour correcting concealers.


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