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Mask Compilation #6 - Dr.Hsieh

Hi everyone~~ It's another mask compilation and it's Taiwanese masks again~~ This time the focus is on Dr.Hsieh, which is a brand I haven't heard of but was introduced to me by Eden from Miirushop. Miirushop is based out of San Francisco and focuses on Taiwanese beauty. I bought this set from them a year ago and finally got around to using them. Let's see how I feel about the Dr.Hsieh masks.

Dr.Hsieh - Peptide V-Shaped Firming High Concentration Mask

First up is the Peptide V-Shaped Firming High Concentration Mask, which is supposed to improve the skin's "tightness" and elasticity. It contains ingredients such as acetyl hexapeptide-8, palmitoyl tetrapeptide-3, which are synthetic anti-wrinkle and skin conditioning ingredients. It also contain sodium hyaluronate, beta-glucan, and honey extract. It also contains methyparaben and fragrance, but I think most Taiwanese masks contain these two, albeit at a low concentration.

The mask comes with 25ml of serum and is typical of Taiwanese masks, in which it is DRIPPING wet. So give your mask a squeeze before taking it out of the package. Despite the addition of the fragrance, the serum doesn't smell strongly of anything. It's just a scent that I smelled before and usually associate with products that are marketed as "lightly scented".

I love how thin the Taiwanese masks are, it usually looks like I am wearing nothing, but it holds onto soo much essence that it can last for way longer than the recommended time. This is no different. It was super thin, and it was still quite moist after I took it off after 20 minutes. I also had lots of essence drip down my neck while wearing the mask. I don't like that but shows you how much essence the mask holds!

The extra essence dried down to a non-sticky finish and kept my skin cool for good 5 minutes. Unfortunately, the result made me a little confused. It left parts of my face feeling quite tight, namely my forehead and cheeks. I am not sure this is due to the mask's purported purpose, or it's because it drew moisture out of my skin. I had to slap on a lot of hydrating products in order to get rid of that tightness. So I am leaning toward the mask drawing moisture out of my skin. Maybe prolonged use will have some firming results, but based out of this one mask, I think it's not great for my skin at all.

Dr.Hsieh - Mandelic Flower Acid Whitening High Concentration Mask

Next up is the Mandelic Flower Acid Whitening High Concentration Mask. It has such a pretty design on the package, but it irks me since it is different from rest of the packaging. But that's just a minor issue that no one really cares about. 😂

This is a brightening mask and I am never really into them so I can't imagine liking it right from the start. But let's just see how it goes.

It has 25ml of essence, and contains ingredients like DL-Mandelic acid, C L-ascorbic acid, tranexamic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, and malic acid. Along with some botanical extracts like hisbiscus and pine tree bark. Due to the amount of acids in this ingredient list, please remember to use sunscreen because it could cause your skin to be photosensitive and darken your hyperpigmentation instead of lighten it.

The essence smells like artificial lychee and I am not complaining! It made me wish I had some. I thoroughly enjoyed the scent so I kept it on for 20 minutes, which is the maximum recommended time. I think it's still a little too long so I should probably keep it to about 15 minutes.

The extra essence took a little while to sink in but it dried down matte. My skin feels hydrated but it's not super moisturized or dewy. But I guess it's not the primary focus of the mask so I can't entirely fault it. I also noticed no brightening but I am the queen of "I can't tell a difference" when it comes to brightening masks. SO... This was a meh mask at best to me. 😅

Dr.Hsieh - Cirsium Japonicum Extremely White High Concentration Mask

The Crisium Japonicum Extremely White High Concentration Mask is to brighten and repair the skin.. You can probably see me groan and go "urrggg another brightening mask" You can probably see what the review result will be. XD

So this has 25ml of faintly yellow essence that has arbutin, allantoin, sodium hyaluronate, and botanical extracts like camellia sinensis, aloe, and centella asiatica. Honestly, the ingredients list looks more like for hydrating and repairing the skin than brightening. The essence has a faint chemical scent to it, so don't take a big whiff of it.

I took the mask off after 20 minutes, and it somehow left an indentation on my skin?! Does that mean my skin is super dehydrated that it held the indentation, or that the super thin mask is super heavy and pressed on my skin???

Anyways, as I already mentioned, I am queen of "I can't tell a difference" when it comes to brightening. So it is no surprised that my answer is "I can't tell a difference"😂. Sorry peeps. Aside from that, it dried down to a matte finish and my skin feels quite hydrated. But it's not enough since the indentation took over 10 minutes to go away.

Dr.Hsieh - Botanical Anti-Allergy High Concentration Mask

I held off on using the Botanical Anti-allergy High Concentration Mask because it's so pretty! I really like the pink colour~~ It makes me so happy for some weird reason. But also because I am not expecting much from the mask besides hydration as my skin doesn't normally become irritated. Whereas this mask is targeted to either aid the repair or repair the skin after a reaction.

It has 25ml of essence that contains ingredients like centella asiatica, hydrolyzed yeast protein, and sodium hyaluronate. It has a sweet floral scent but smells artificial. Which is kind of weird since there is no added fragrance in this mask.

 I had the mask on for 15 minutes and it was more than enough, probably due me squeezing too much essence off of the mask to begin with. The essence dried to a matte finish and my skin feels cool, plump and soft to the touch. My skin felt a little tight so I applied the extra essence. Which actually made my skin feel even tighter so that was the wrong decision. It also started to pill up on me so that was bad too.

Dr.Hsieh - Hyaluronic Acid Long-Lasting Hydrating High Concentration Mask 

The last mask in the series is the Hyaluronic Acid Long-Lasting Hydrating High Concentration Mask (that's a mouthful eh). It is the mask I was most interested in the series, as I am always looking for HA products for my dehydrated skin.

As its name implies, it is to provide all day hydration to the skin. It contains ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate, urea extract, and botanical extracts from 7 different cactus plants and evening primrose. It has a light sweet fragrance but it's apparently not added fragrance.

I took it off after 20 minutes and it may have been too long since the upper lip and chin areas were all dry and had no extra essence. The extra essence on the rest of my face sunk in quickly and left my skin shiny but non-tacky. My skin felt hydrated and my cheeks feel super plump. I overdid it by putting on 3 extra layers of essence, which resulted in tight and tacky skin that had pilling. So maybe don't overdo it with the extra essence like I did.

Overall Ranking 

I feel like I wasn't super impressed with any of these masks. I love how thin the masks are, but I just feel like half of the masks aren't targeted toward my skin type or concerns. I also feel like I have not used them properly as I used some of the extra essences that caused pilling. So I will rank them as how I liked them before I used the extra layers.

1) Hyaluronic Acid Long-Lasting Hydrating High Concentration Mask (no brainer to be honest. HA is always my go to ingredient)

2) Botanical Anti-Allergy High Concentration Mask (skin was plump and soft to the touch. Just not really targeted for my skin type)

3) Mandelic Flower Acid Whitening High Concentration Mask (no brightening noted but that's user error. It does hydrate my skin but not as much as I would have liked. Important to point out again that you should wear sunscreen after using this mask!!! )

4) Cirsium Japonicum Extremely White High Concentration Mask (Again, brightening mask is not my go to kind of masks. It hydrated my skin but it's also the mask that left a large indentation on my skin so that makes it rank lower than the Mandelic Flower Acid mask.

5) Peptide V-Shaped Firming High Concentration Mask ( I highly suspect this dried out my skin so much that it felt really tight and required a lot of hydrating products to compensate. Seeing how I am trying to keep my skin hydrated at all times, this is a big no no for me)


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