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[JOLSE] ONEOSEVEN Coreflex Essential Liquid 50ml

Hey everyone~ I am back with a blog post on a brand that I love! I saw that Jolse had a recruiter even for 107 and I HAD to apply for it! I won and I am soooo happy about it! OneOSeven is one of the brands that I am absolutely in love with! I have tried their Rose Vinegar Water and Feminine Body Soap , and loved the former. I have purchased a few more of their products but haven't gotten around to adding the Coreflex Essential Liquid in my routine. So guess whose 107 family is complete!! Hehee. I digress, but lets move on with the review!


107 OneOSeven is a sister brand from Hanega, a naturally fermented vinegar brewery that has been passed down for generations in Korea. This all started because they noticed that the women who worked at the brewery has really great skin and attributed it to the vinegar. Which led to the development of skincare products using the fermented vinegar, and the formation of OneOSeven cosmetics. The name 107 derives from the 107 different secret formulas used by Hanega. everything kind of relates back to the parent company Hanega.

You can read more about the company on their website.


The Coreflex Essential Liquid is part of Coreflex line that 107 began with. This line is primarily focused on anti-aging with the use of their fermented vinegar. There is four items in the line, which includes the liquid, an essence, cream and mask. I own all four of them but only tried half of it. Now I kind of wish I have more of the mask so I can take a family photo. But I digress.

The liquid is designed to soothe the skin and improve skin tone and elasticity, which in turn makes it an anti-aging product as well as a brightening product. I don't particularly need much anti-aging or brightening as I got pale chubby cheeks. But one can never start too early for their anti-aging game.


The liquid comes in a long slender tube that has a misting nozzle at the top. It is in a plastic tube but looks elegant as it is a white tube encased within a plastic outer tube. This ensures the writings on the bottle will not be rubbed off, and it does create this luxurious feel to me.

However, it is a bit deceiving, as it houses only 50ml of liquid. Which is actually not that much liquid, considering the Rose Vinegar Water is over 100ml. But I kind of get it, at the price point, you want it to look and feel luxurious.


Unfortunately, there wasn't an English ingredients list on the box. So the IL is taken from Jolse and CosDNA.

Aspergillus/yease/rice fermentation filtrate, butylene glycol, 1,2-hexanediol, butylene glycol, arbutin, purified water, PEG/PPG-18/4 copolymer, pentylene glycol, vindegar, adenosine, lactobacillus/soy milk fermentation filtrate, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, allantoin, safflower extract, phenoxyethanol, fragrance 


The CosDNA analysis indicate that majority of the ingredients are non-irritants. The only ones that are potential irritants are the PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, phenoxyethanol and fragrance. I personally aren't against these ingredients, although I am not a big fan of added fragrances.

Besides that, the ingredients list looks pretty nice. It doesn't have essential oils, which are quite prevalent in Korean skincare, so it could be suitable for sensitive skin. There are a couple ferments, which are in FTE and anti-aging products. I quite like having those because they make my skin feel hydrated and moisturized while being quite light.


This has a flowery kind of scent to it, which I assume is due to the added fragrance. I actually don't like it.

Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad scent. Nor is it a strong scent. I just don't like the flowery scent, which kind of pulls me away from this image of using a luxe skincare product that's designed for mature skin. I was expecting some kind of ferment or hanbang scent, even scentless. But instead, I got this flowery and juicy scent, which reminds me of my friend's car air freshener. The scent just kind of pulls me from a luxe and relaxing setting to a sitting in the sun and riding in the car with my friends in my 20s.

It's not a major issue, but it just causes a disconnect for me.


I have been using the mist on a daily basis for the past two weeks, so this is more of a first impression instead of a full review. I will update once I have finished the bottle.

The premise of the test is that I mist it on the right side of my face, which is the driest side due to the fact that I tend to sleep on that side. I spray the Coreflex Essential Liquid to the right side of my face, and then the Creme Esencia 31C Jasmine Petal Refresh Balancing Toner on the left side. Everything else remains the same for both face. This is to ensure that the only thing different between the two sides is the Esential Liquid.

With the testing premise set, let's begin my review.

This is a liquid that is dispersed with a misting nozzle. The mist is not super fine but it isn't harsh either. I wouldn't say it's perfect, but I am glad that it's not pounding on my face with each spray. I used about 2 pumps to cover the right side of my face.

The liquid comes out with the aforementioned flowery scent. It sinks in relatively quickly, usually taking about a minute or so. It leaves the skin feeling dewy and looking semi-matte.

The placement of this product is a bit funky. I honestly thought it was in place of a toner and that's how I was using it the first couple of times. But I talked with the lovely folks at 107 and they said it's actually meant to be after the toner. So that's where I been placing it. I actually use about 3 different layers of toners, so I place it after the first two toner layers and seal it up with a final layer of toner.

Okay, my thoughts on the essential liquid's performance.

I love it! I loved it after the first usage. I noticed immediately how everything on the right side just absorbed much faster. The skin on the two sides are noticeably different after finishing off with the Bloody serum. Where the left side is noticeably drier than the right side, which is opposite of the usual results. The right side is always noticeably drier, and I never had a result to be shown this quickly. I thought that perhaps this is just placebo effect.

But it's not. Because I noticed after a week, the right side is much more hydrate than usual. It is plumper and no longer have the drier side whenever I use a mask. After two weeks, even after just a layer of toner and a layer of the liquid (on the whole face), the right side just feels SO much more dewier. I honestly love it.

As for the anti-aging and brightening effects, I don't think I noticed much of that. Though, I do believe that some of the plumpness and firmer feeling may be due to the Essential Liquid. But I need to use this for a longer term in order to confirm this hypothesis.


Overall, I really like this series. It seriously plumps my skin and I want to see how it performs with rest of the series. I tried the Snow Mask and it's quite good, so I really want to do a full routine with the rest of the Coreflex line. So the full review may be coming later than sooner.

That being said, the price point of the Essential liquid is making me pause at purchasing a new bottle. I thoroughly enjoy it, but the price point is quite high. At the price of roughly $60USD/$80CAD, I need to seriously consider before I purchase another bottle. I seen others who tried the whole line saying that the essence and cream is more worth the price tag. So I am going to test everything before considering what I will repurchase. That being said, if you can afford it, and is looking into a nicely formulated hydrating anti-aging liquid, this is definitely a worthy candidate.


**None of these links are affiliates. Just sharing the love**

Snow Mask Pack: JolseBeMused Korea / Beautytap / OneOSeven
Essential Liquid: Jolse/ BeMused Korea / Beautytap / OneOSeven
Cream Essence: Jolse/ BeMused Korea / Beautytap / OneOSeven
Hydro Rich Cream: Jolse/ BeMused Korea / Beautytap / OneOSeven

Rose Vinegar Water: Jolse/ BeMused Korea / Beautytap / OneOSeven
(This is reformulated with a 5 year old vinegar instead of 7 year old. I already used up 2 bottles and on my last bottle and absolutely love it)

Illuminating Moisture Mask: Jolse/ BeMused Korea / Beautytap / OneOSeven
Oil-In-Gel Cleanser: Jolse/  / Beautytap / OneOSeven
Illuminator: Jolse/  / Beautytap / OneOSeven

Hawaiian Breeze Soap: Jolse/ BeMused Korea /  / OneOSeven
Premium White Soap: Jolse/ BeMused Korea / Beautytap / OneOSeven
Premium Black Soap: Jolse/ BeMused Korea / Beautytap / OneOSeven
Feminine Body Soap + Alpha: Jolse/ BeMused Korea / Beautytap / OneOSeven


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