Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Ciracle Red Spot Cream

During the November drought of Memeboxes,I got bored and decided to buy Benton Snail Essence. I did not want to pay for shipping so I had to choose another item to make it to $30 for free shipping. I was considering the Ciracle Red Spot Cream as I have read great reviews from different blogs. I was hesitant as I didn't want to spend so much on my brother's skincare routine. :P I was convinced by Fanserviced and her Instagram post raving about this product. I had to get it for my brother and his constant angry red spots.

I purchased the cream on November 6, it shipped out on November 14 and received on November 24. I am kind of surprised it took over a week for the item to ship out as it was listed as an ready to ship item. Oh well.

My first impression on the cream was.. Oh my god this is TINY. Well it's not actually tiny, but it is much smaller than what I thought. I don't know what would be the closest size to it but it fits comfortably in my palm.

Second impression was that it has an adorable drawing on the lid. The little girl is so angry with her red spots! She actually reminds me of my brother hahaha. The round face, the tiny eyes, the red spots, and most of all, that expression (he's constantly giving me that face when I force him to use a sheet mask). Hahaha. Definitely a fitting product for my brother.

The cream does not have much of a smell. I did a patch test on the back of my hand and it is thick. I have heard it does not absorb well enough into the skin but it does seem to be quite absorbed on the back of my hand.

I have passed it onto my brother for usage, though being the teenage boy that he is, he failed to listen to my instructions. Instead of just dabbing it onto the red spots, which I told him a few times and he retorted by saying he doesn't know where the spots are, he rub it all over his face like a moisturizer.. Sigh.. -___- Such a dude. If I didn't see the streak on his face and asked about it, he probably would've finished the jar in a month and I would have to buy him a new one every single month.

 I do think the red spot cream along with the Etude House's Wonder Pore toner worked very well on his skin. He no longer has angry red break outs and I can see more patches of clear and smooth skin. There was one big zit that was really bumpy and red on his cheek on the day that I told him to use the cream. The next day, the zit is no longer red and half as big. So the cream does what it says it would do.

Not sure if I am going to purchase the item again as I have invested way too much money into my brother's skincare products. $17 for a small little jar is a little bit on the expensive side. He use up products like crazy. If I were to support his routine, it's going to be expensive.

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