Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Memebox Christmas Collection #1 Stress Free Holidays

People has been asking for a Christmas box for a long time and Memebox FINALLY put up the Christmas early December. I jumped on it and bought the bundle due to the lack of boxes in December.

The Stress Free Holidays box is to help you fight skin and body blemishes and flaws caused by stress. But.. I don't think some of the box contents fit the bill.

Recipe By Nature Ice Cream Swing Gloss 01 Very Lovely 6g ($6)
Product Description: Recipe by Nature's new Ice Cream Swing Gloss is infused with various natural oils - jojoba seed oil, argan oil, and grape seed oil - to provide a surge of hydration ot dry, chapped lips. It adds a subtle glossy sheen, and sweet taste to the lips for a totally kissable pout.

Thoughts: I just got the green one in Petite Treasure so I didn't need another one. I already gave this one to my friend as Christmas present. :) It is very cute and adorable. But not very Christmasy besides that it was given as a Christmas present.

Angel's Black Head Eraser Coconut 97% 100g ($12)
Product Description: This natural soap is made from 97% pure coconut extracts and carbonated hot spring water. The 100% nature friendly formula is highly effective in treating acne, blemishes, blackheads and wrinkles. 

Thoughts: Sigh.. Another bar soap. I don't use bar soap so I won't be using it. I like that it is made with coconut extracts but it's got such a strong and sweet smell. It's been giving me a headache since I opened up the box.
Dipodeur Dress Perfume 150ml ($19)
Randomly selected from 03 Lemon & Ylangyland, 07 Orange & Fiore, 12 Rose & Flower Garden, 21 Figuier & Glass Leaf, 24 Lime & Mandarine, 27 Iris & Whitebouquet
Product Description: Gentle to skin and nature friendly in its formula, the Dress Perfume series is characterized by its fresh 'soap' scent blended with phytoncide water and naturally derived fragrances unique to each option. Find your signature fragrance from Dipodeur's 5 most popular scents in line!

Thoughts: I was happy to open my box and find I received Lime & Mandarin. I really like citrusy smells so I was excited to try it! I immediately sprayed some on my pant leg. Boyyy was I wrong. This dress perfume DOES NOT smell anything like lime or mandarin. Instead it smells like a grandma. I don't know how to describe the smell but it reminds me of a really bad musky men's cologne. The smell is very strong that the smell kept on wafting to my nose all afternoon. This is going in the throw away pile. I also don't think this will help you fight against skin blemishes caused by stress...

DD'ell Moisture Facial Mask 04 Gold Kiwi 23g ($7 $3)
Product Description: Formulated with mineral-rich deep ocean water and vitamin-rich gold kiwi extracts, this Moisture Facial Mask delivers instant moisture relief while soothing, detoxifying, and treating skin pigmentation for a much brighter, youthful complexion. 

Thoughts: Ooooh Kiwi mask! I never tried one before. Just looking through their official website, it looks like the mask contains deep ocean water, gold kiwi extracts, camellia sinensis leaf, and prickly pear extract. I am most intrigued by the prickly pear extract. I haven't heard about using prickly pear in skincare before but according to a rough translation by Google translate, it is supposed to lighten and remove freckles and spots. Adding this to my stash of masks. 

NEOGEN Neoday' Don't Cry, Armpits Deodorant Perfumed Stick 15g ($17)
Product Description: Get superior odor protection with this natural, freshly scented deodorant. Soothing eucalyptus together with peppermint and Alaska glacier water fight odor effectively while hydrating, conditioning, and nourishing the delicate underarm area. It goes on clean and silky soft, with no sticky after feeling whatsoever. 

Thoughts: My deodorant leaked?! There was stuff on the front and back of the lid, I had to pry the lid open. As you can see from the pictures, the inside and outside has melted deodorant everywhere.

This is a small little deodorant. It is about two lip balm stick together. The smell is not great either. It has this really strong soap smell that reminds me of my grandma. I think I'll stick with my Dove deodorant. Also.. How is this supposed to help with stress related skin problems? Stress causing excess sweating????

Shara Shara Gold Label Respescargo Cream 50ml ($41 $24.60 + shipping)
Product Description: Replenish, brighten, and repair dry, aging skin with Gold Label Respescargo Cream. The rich formula consists over 70% of pure snail secretion filtrate which deeply relieves and nourishes damaged skin. The blend of gold, pearl, hyaluronic acid, and glucosamine also delivers intensive moisture relief by renewing the skin's moisture & oil balance. 

Thoughts: Snail cream?? YES!!! I welcome any snail cream!!! Although I don't particularly like the constant stock of Shara Shara items in the recent boxes but I am so happy to get another snail cream! :D Though, this stock of cream has an expiry date of December 14, 2015. So just under a year to use it all up.
Look at the soft peaks on the cream just from the removal of the inner lid. 

I really like the packaging with the gold lid and green jar. The cream has a light floral smell. A little like apple blossom. The cream looks lighter compared to my other snail cream, more like a light moisturizer.  But it actually feels just as moisturizing as the other snail cream. The cream sinks in quickly and my skin feels super soft afterwards. It does leave a shine on my skin just like the snail cream but you can just rub in the cream a little more and the shine is gone. I think I will include this in my routine as I started to carry the Rich cream from Moisture Surge in my bag instead.

Overall thoughts: This box started as a disappointment to me. The soap and the dress perfume are super strong and gives me headaches. The deodorant is not usable due to its scent and how it melted. The lip gloss was cute though, glad I got something cute to give as Christmas present. The mask is something I'll definitely use but nothing spectacular. The snail cream was the saving grace to the box. It feels super moisturizing and I am using it rightaway. Though not happy with Memebox including products that expires within a year.

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