Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Memebox Special #67 Blackout!

Happy holidays!! Hope everyone had a good holiday season! 

This post has been long delayed. It's on the Black Out! box which was received at the same time as Petite Treasure. This box was $19 + $6.99 shipping. 

Due to the lower cost to the box, this only contains four items. I was hoping to receive a black mask, specifically the Elizavecca Black Piggy foaming mask. But unfortunately I didn't get my wish. Oh well. The box isn't bad. 

**All prices listed are from product card unless otherwise listed**

B&SOAP Black Block 85g ($24 $14 for two/ $7 for one )
Product Description: A black soap bar made from nature's complexion clean-up crew - charcoal, rosemary, and olive oil. It gets to the bottom of skin's cloudy, clogged pores to clear the way for smoother, softer, and brighter-looking skin. Formulated for combination to oily sin, this handmade charcoal soap absorbs debris and impurities while the rosemary extracts act as a natural antibacterial agent to detoxify pores without irritation.

Thoughts: This soap was actually predicted to be in the box as I believe it was just in the preview and win event around the same time as the boxes being on sale. 

I really have no opinion toward it. It's a bar soap, which I will not use as I dislike having bar soaps laying around. The soap is quite small, it is smaller than a Dove soap bar. It is a solid black bar like a bar of charcoal. It is shrink wrapped in two layers of plastic wrap but I can still smell the soap. The smell is strong but not offensive. I can't put my finger on what exactly it smells like but it's not horrible. I will pass it off to someone as I don't like bar soaps.

Honest Clinic Black Hole Spot 10ml ($26)
Product Description: This night care spot gel contains a special A+BHA complex - the perfect balance of AHA and BHA components - formulated by Honest Clinic to gently melt away excessive dead skin cells and impurities from both inside the pores and the outer surface of the skin. It effectively treats acne and blemish spots with just a single application while brightening up darkened, uneven skin tone at the same time. 

Thoughts: This spot gel has a warning to not go on non-problematic areas as it could cause reddening. So definitely be care when you apply it! 

The gel is actually black! I tried a little bit on the back of my hand and it is a clear black gel! This definitely suits the Black Out! theme with the container and its content being black. 

I don't get too much blemishes besides the hormone induced ones. I use the Benton snail essence on those blemishes and they are clear the next day. So I don't really have usage for this gel at the moment. I think I will pass it to my brother so he would stop fighting me for my Benton. 

Tosowoong Black-Head Nose Pack 8ea ($6)
Product Description: Formulated with Morrocan lava clay, charcoal powder, and volcanic ash, this blackhead removing nose pack is entirely made up of natural ingredients and the black color of the patches comes from actual charcoal powders. It's gentle on the skin yet effectively draws out stubborn blackheads from your nose. 

Thoughts: It's a black nose strip! I love these! They make your blackheads stand out so much more than a white nose strip. I know it is very damaging for your skin to be using these strips but they are such a guilty pleasure! Keeping these!

L'CRET Hair Color Keeper Treatment Shampoo 300ml ($42 $28.98)
Product Description: A must-have treatment shampoo for those with dyed hair. The color-keeping blend of sunflower seed, babassu seed oil, panthenol, and silk protein protects the hair from fading in color o UV bleaching, while delivering rich nutrients for a healthy moisture & oil balance. 

Thoughts: Shampoo....WTF.. That was my first thought at receiving shampoo in my beauty box. I can accept skincare and makeup, but shampoo?! 

But... I ran out of shampoo and is unwilling to open the shampoo I lugged back from Taipei since I am moving in two months or so.... So I decided to give this shampoo a try. The shampoo smells like orange leaf. I love it! It reminds me of when we would have mini mandarin trees for Chinese New Year and I would love the smell of the freshly picked branches. 

I have really thin hair that can get really greasy in hours despite having super dry scalp. So after the first use, I found the shampoo made my hair super greasy looking  by the end of the day. But after a few more uses, my hair has come to accept the shampoo. Yay! It makes my roots looks shiny and healthy without causing me to have greasy hair by the end of the day. My scalp looks less dry too! I quite like this shampoo! This was the surprise hit of the entire box! 

Overall thoughts: Although I didn't get the Elizavecca black piggy mask, the content of the Black Out! box is actually quite decent. Much better than it's companion box. The box has a total value of $67.98 so it is quite a good value to cost box. The shampoo really is the surprise hit! I love how it makes my hair so shiny and without greasing it up too much. The black nose strip is also an item I am very happy to receive. I am quite happy about this box! My shower is now slowly being taken over by my Asian products. Hehe. 

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