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Memebox Special #57 - For Dry & Sensitive Skin

I purchased Memebox Special #57 For Dry & Sensitive Skin in a bundle with My Cute Wishlist #4. The box sounded like it would be mostly skincare so I was all game for it. It was $29 + shipping. 

I am not sure what I was expecting from the box besides some skincare items. What I actually received was quite a disappointment despite having no expectations.  
Read on to see why I am so disappointed with the box. 

**Prices listed are from the product cards unless otherwise stated ** 

Zamian Trouble Skin Handmade Soap Ac'xxii 100g ($18)
Product Description: A handmade facial bar soap for trouble, sensitive skin types. The blend of tea tree oil, lavender oil, and manuka honey helps treat blemishes and bring back the skin's natural glow from within. The opaque part of the soap targets redness and irritated spots on the skin while the middle translucent part of the soap deeply moisturize and soothes the easily dehydrated and sensitive skin.

Thoughts: This is the biggest disappointment of the box. No offense to the producer, but this soap REEKED! Let me get this through to you. The soap is shrink wrapped, sitting inside a cardboard box, while sitting inside another cardboard box. Yet I can still smell it any time I am near the Memebox, without opening it. The smell lingers on the other products that is also in the box. This is how STRONG smelling this soap is. The scent may not be offensive to other, but I  don't particularly like the natural remedy smells so this smell just made me want to shove the entire box far far away. 

Updated: It's now two days since the products has relocated to a new home, away from the soap. When I open the new box, the smell of the soap just attacks my nose. This is seriously how STRONG the soap is... =__=

TheYeon Jeju Hallabong Energy Mild All-in-one Serum 100ml ($20  $5 + shipping)  
Product Description: TheYeon's Jeju Hallabong series boosts its organic formula made from the 'Hallabong' which is a special type of orange cultivated only in the Jeju Island and best loved for bursting with vitamin C an super sweet & tasty juiciness. Infused with other Jeju-born organic ingredients such as kiwi, broccoli, and aloe vera, this Energy Mild All-in-One Serum works to replenish, soften, and protect the skin. 

Thoughts: I loved the toner that I received from the From Jeju box. I am happy to receive the serum in the box. However, I am still disappointed with its inclusion. This serum was in the CutiePieMarzia #2 box and has been on sale for $5 each twice on Memebox. So clearly this was an attempt by Memebox to get rid of the item. I am disappointed that instead of a new item, I received an item they are just trying to get rid of. Just like the Tonymoly Appletox. 

The serum itself is thicker than the peeling toner but smells similar. It smells like a grapefruit and I love it. I want to add it to my routine but I want to finish my Tosowoong Timeshift serum first. So This will have to wait. Plus, my disappointment just doesn't encourage me to use it right now without sighing at it every time I look at it. 

Pedison Nutritive Infusion Cream 120ml ($29)
Product Description: A body cream carefully formulated for sensitive and dry skin, containing 0% preservatives natural lipids, non-comedogenic ingredients, and 2-action hydration layer. This advanced combination of moisturizing agents penetrate deep into skin to deliver instant moisture surge and restore comfort and suppleness. Its gentle, lightweight texture also leaves your skin feeling silky soft and well nourished. 

Thoughts: This item was actually interesting to me. it is a body cream and it actually have no smell while feeling quite moisturizing. It makes me sad to part with it, but I think my pregnant cousin with sensitive skin needs it more than I do.

ANACIS Triactive Dermatis Intensive Cream 20ml ($12)
Product Description: This essential soothing cream suits even the most irritated and reactive complexions. Gentle enough for women in pregnancy, and even babies, this cream helps to relieve dryness and maintains the skin's natural moisture balance. Infused with 27 natural extracts - green tea, mandarin, walnut, squalene, and much more - this ultra-gentle soothing cream contains effective comforting properties to especially benefit traumatized, allergy-prone, thin, aging, sun-sensitive, tight and dehydrated skin types. A propriety blend of STRUCTURINE peptides in the formulat works to strengthen the skin's cell walls, and it forms a protective veil over the skin to prevent damage from external stressors. 

Thoughts: wow that description is LOOONG. This was the spoiler item and I was happy to receive it as it says gentle enough for pregnant woman. I decided not to open the item so I can send it back to China to my pregnant cousin in hopes that it can help her survive the winter. 

The product card stated this is a full sized item, but I found the company's website which only included a 150ml in their product line. So I am not sure if the 20ml product is a new sizing for the product or it is actually a deluxe sample.

Migabee  Botanical Moisture Mist 150ml ($22)
Product Description: This is a botanical body mist formulated from natural herbal ingredients such as aloe vera, verbena, red ginseng, and camellia oil. Its gentle formula is fast-absorbing and works to rejuvenate and de-stress dry, tired skin. 

Thoughts: Again, this is a very new age medicine/botanical smelling. I opened the shrink wrap and smelled the little solution that leaked onto the bottle and had to put it down. I really dislike those kind of smells so I can't be bothered to put it anywhere near or on me. Will be passing it onto a friend who does not mind this kind of smell. I do hope the product is good as Migabee produces decent products.

Pureplus+ Lip treatment 10g ($9)
Randomly selected from strawberry, honey bee
Product Description: High concentrates of collagen delivers rich nourishment and a lasting suppleness to dry, chapped lips. It also contains various nutrients such as snail mucus extracts, shea butter, grap seed oil, hyaluronic acid, and Vitamin E for protecting lips from further dehydration and damage. 

Thoughts: At first I was excited as I thought it was from Pure Smile. Since I been turned into a believer with the snail hand cream from My Cute Wishlist #4, I was excited to get a lip balm too. However, It is not Pure Smile, it is from Pureplus+.

I received the honey bee and thought it would smell like honey with hints of sweetness. However, that is not the case. The lip balm smells like soap. The lip treatment melts on my lip, providing a shine and moisture shield for my lips. It did stung my lips a little bit like it is plumping it. I like the moisturizing effect but I am not sure if I can put up with the smell and the tingling. I also can't give it away since I used it. So.. I guess it's staying with me...

Edit: I just used this as a night treatment last night. It still stings a little at first and still smell and taste like cheap soap. But man does it stay on! I move around in my sleep and it didn't come off my lips at all. I slept with and woke up with a thick shiny layer of the lip treatment. I used water to remove it, at first it felt funny on my fingers but with a little bit more water my fingers stopped having that sticky feelings to it. Once I removed it, I can see all the dry skin are now separated from my lips and removable with just swipes of my fingers. It's pretty darn good so far! Will keep on using it as a night treatment :)

Edit #2: I REALLY liked this product but alas it's one of the products I received so far that I had a reaction to. :( The second time I used it, I put on a thin layer but I got a big red spot on my upper lip the next day. It seems to be a blocked pore and I thought perhaps it was the lip treatment but it may also been my diet. I put the treatment on again yesterday in the afternoon. But took it off shortly as I was eating. Later in the evening I noticed I had 4 angry red spots on my upper lip. I kept on applying my Benton snail essence on the spots to calm them down. This morning they are no longer looking like I have tons of cold sores on my lips.. But one of them had the white pus in it. Urg. It's definitely blocked pores caused by the lip treatment. Which means I can no longer use the treatment unless I want to look like I have cold sores all the time.. -__-

Final Thoughts: This box was disappointment despite having no expectations at all. Two items I am giving away just purely due to the smell. The soap is so strong it just permeated onto and through everything. I feel like all the items from that box is tainted until the smell dissipates. The inclusion of a CPM 2 item that has been on sale twice also left a bad taste in my mouth. I don't know how I can love this box. So sad about this box. No expectations and still deeply disappointed.

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