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Memebox Christmas Collection #2 My Holiday Glam

So I bought the bundle of Christmas boxes without reading what they are for. I just wanted express shipping. Urg. Worst decision ever. Because if I read it I would not have bought the second box. It is all cosmetics, the description even made it clear it is cosmetics. Smart me. 

The box was $23 + $6.99 shipping. It contains 6 items and I like some of the products but it's very unlikely for me to use them. :( 

 *Prices listed are from product card unless otherwise stated*

Peripera Wholly Deep Jewel Pot #6 Burgundy 3g ($29 $14.18)
Product Description: Glam up your eyes with multi-angle jewel glitters that contain real diamond and amethyst powder for extra radiant, sparkling holiday season! Fool-proof pearly eye pigments last all day and all night! Channel your inner Beauty Queen in no time!

Thoughts: First of all, I am a ditz. I had a LOT of trouble trying to open the pot. Hahaha Oops.  

 The pot is really moist, just like they advertised on their website. I had fun dipping in it. The colour is a nice burgundy red, fitting with the Christmas theme. Though if I were to choose I would've chosen #1, the translucent pearl powder instead.

The pot is very sparkly and highly pigmented. Just a light swipe leave a noticeable colour. The website advertise that it would stay put after 20 seconds of running water and wiping with a hand towel.  But I had swatches on my wrist and the swatches rubbed off by my sweater. Perhaps I had too much on the swatch. Swatch of the jewel pot is at the end of the post.

Deoproce White Flower B.B Cream SPF35 PA+++ 30g ($12  $5.99)
Randomly selected from #21, #23
Product Description: Enriched with a blend of lotus, lily, and peony extracts, Deoproce's White Flower B.B Cream combines the moisturizing an protective powers of a skincare product with the complexion-perfecting and tone-balancing properties of a foundation. Its featherweight texture smoothly coats over skin with long-lasting adherence, leaving the skin velvety soft and glowing with youthful radiance. 

Thoughts: I got #21 Natural Beige. I didn't bother opening it as I am happy with my BB/CC creams and don't need another BB cream. I Googled the shades and it seems like it may still be too dark for me. So onward it goes to my friend who is looking for a BB cream.

Vivito Painting Jelly Tint RD02 Squeeze Cherry 5.5g ($29)
Product Description: A moisturizing jelly-type tint with a water gel formula enriched with pomegranate, mulberry, fig and Vitamin E. It smoothly melts onto dry, colorless lips for instant hydration, rejuvenation, and long-lasting color radiance. 

Thoughts: When I saw the Vivito tint, I squealed! I loved my grape Painting Lip Balm!! I was happy to get another product from Vivito and it's such a cute little shade. Not bright pink again!!! Yay! 

The jelly tint smells just like cherry and it looks like cherry juice. I like how watery it feels on my lips without being sticky. It adds just a little bit of colour with one coat. I added a second coat to make my lips really pop. I like the colour of the tint and it does not add a glossy shine to my lips. Though do not try to lick it. I got some in my mouth and it's bitter as heck. That combined with the cherry smell, my mind automatically linked it to cherry cough syrup. Urg. Overall a great colour for Christmas! 

Again, swatch at the end of the post! 

Cool Enough Studio The Mirror 1ea ($15)
Product Description: Still bringing around a big fat mirror? Cool Enough Studio presents 'The Mirror' - the thinnest, most stylishly designed mirror for ladies to carry it around with them to glamorous holiday & year-end parties in their pretty purses. 

Thoughts: When I first saw it in the box I was wonder what the heck the big silver package was. It has three layers of packaging before you get to the mirror. It's got a big silver package then black tissue paper then a velvet case. Is this from Japan where things are wrapped in large amounts of wrapping. 

Just what?? How is this NOT a big fat mirror? It's a large rectangular tube of mirror. How is easier to carry around than a compact mirror that you can slip in a pocket? This sticks out like a sore thumb. Even in their website, they had to use more than one to see more than a part of the face. I have no idea what to do with this mirror at all.

Dearberry Rockcat Girl Waterproof Pencil Liner Purple 7g ($5)
Product Description: Dearberry Rockcat Girl Eyeliner provides budge-resistant radiance in sophisticated deep purple with an easy-glide, creamy texture. Definitely a must-have for a refined, chic holiday makeup fit for any and all occasions!

Thoughts: This pencil looks black,  but it's actually deep purple! When you look closely, there are fine purple glitters. When looked at under natural lighting, the liner looks more purple than under artificial light. The pencil glides on easily and is the last swatch to remove from my wrist. Will try it on next time I decide to do eye makeup.

Eclipse Poppy Red & Fresh Green 15ml x 2 ea ($7)
Product Description: Go festive with Eclipse's holiday red and green nail colors - vibrant and long-lasting in radiance and easy to apply and quick to try in formula! (I think it's quick to dry in not try in)

Thoughts: This is quite festive for the holidays! So cute! I like the colours quite a bit, they definitely remind me of Christmas. Though I don't wear these colours at all or decorate my nails so I will be passing these off to my friends 

Left to right: Eyeliner, Lip Tint, Jewel Pot
Overall Thoughts: The makeup box is the box I was not happy about but it's got quite a few items I quite like. Just not sure when I will use them. 

The total cost for the box is $76.17 so it's not a bad box. I really like the Vivito lip tint and the Peripera Jewel Post, even though I do wish I got a different colour. The two items makes up for the rest of the box, especially for the tube mirror. Haha.

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