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Memebox Special #66 Petit Treasures

 Alright, back onto the blogging bus. I decided to start with the boxes that disappointed me first and then end with the good boxes so I can end on a happy note with Memebox.

Petit Treasure was $19 + $6.99 shipping. A normal box is $23 so there is a $4 dollar difference. There was not much clue in the number of items will be included or its size.

Memebox's description for the box was:
Yes, we know. We're going overhead with our cute cosmetic obsession. But, what can we say? We've discovered another batch of rare but beautiful treasures that will give you an A+ in beauty, and this time, they're all miniature! So petite and cute, yet so intense and effective, these beautifying trinkets will fit your makeup pouch so that you can stay beautiful everyday and everywhere.

Up your game in beauty with petite beauty treasures!

I seen the spoiler before receiving my box so I knew its contents and had very low expectations. Yet when I received my box, I couldn't help but feel even more disappointed. It was in the smallest Memebox and it was light as a feather. It had four items and I guess it kind of does fit the description. The items are small and cute. But it's still disappointing.

  **All prices are from the product card unless otherwise stated**
Recipe By Nature Ice Cream Swing Gloss 02 Sweet Fiona 6g ($5) 
Product Description: A lip essence gloss that melts onto lips like ice cream and leaves it moist and supple. The non-sticky formula is sweetly scented with hints of fruitiness and delivers rich moisture and nutrition to dry, chapped lips. The darker emerald swirl is the gloss part and the lighter, sheer emerald siwrl is the essence part enriched with jojoba seed oil, argan oil, and grape seed oil.

Thoughts: This is the only item I like in the box. It is cute as heck and I wouldn't mind hanging it on my bag. The gloss smells like a blue raspberry candy. It is sweet, fruity and sour at the same time. It is actually cute and petite. Fitting the description perfectly.

Shara Shara Revital Magic Cream 45g ($16)
Product Description: This Revital Magic Cream is the ultimate skin soothing and repairing formula enriched with eucalyptus oil and over 40 different herbal ingredients. It's gentle, non-sticky, and helps smoothen and erase signs of blemish scars and uneven skin texture while brightening and firming the skin for a more youthful-looking complexion. Free of benzophenone, mineral oil, alcohol, artificial fragrances, triclosan, and propylene glycol. 

Thoughts: The design of this box is cute, no doubts about it. But is it REALLY a petite treasure?! Add to that the fact that it expires in less than a year. I understand that it doesn't have preservatives which gives it a shorter shelf life. But really, a cream that will expire in 6 months means I have to switch out a product from my routine NOW in order to use it by the expiry date. The short expiry date makes this more of a hassle than a petite treasure.  

I don't like the smell of the cream at all. Though it does dissipate after a few minutes. The cream goes on really thick and leaves the skin really soft. I like that it leaves my skin feeling so soft, but it's so thick, I can't help but imagine it is clogging up my pores. I gave this to my friend and advised her to use her own judgement regarding this product. 

ml ($ddung Lovely Girl Mascara ($24)
Product Description: Yet another lovely mascara for your pouch - this ddung Lovely Girl Mascara has a long-lasting, lash lengthening formula. It washes off with water or foam cleanser, peeling off easily with a gentle rub.

Thoughts: Sigh. Yes the packaging is adorable. I am a sucker for lace. But I don't particularly like the brand. I think it's unfortunate to have dung in the brand name, and I didn't like the eyeliner I received in My Cute Wishlist #4. It came off way too easily. I am wary of how easily this mascara would come off during the day when it's supposed to wash off with just water.

The wand is very thin and brush looks like it would reach the lashes on the corner of your eyes. I do hope it works well. This is going into the gift pile.

Shara Shara Feminine Single Blusher 1ea ($7)
Randomly selected from PK01 Pale Pink, Or01 Warm Apricot
Product Description: Adorably cute and petite in its packing, this blusher is extremely long-lasting with silica components which work to maintain your skin soft and silky. Plus, it's very easy to carry around and will be perfect for quick makeup fix-ups or finish-ups by adding some color and radiance to your pale cheeks. 

Thoughts: Of course.. Just my luck, even with blushes, I get pink. Sigh. This blusher is really cute, I can't deny it. But it has an expiry date of December 20th, 2015. So just a year. Sigh. This is a second product in the box that has a shelf life of a year or shorter. That's half of the box! Sigh. I am keeping it so I can try it. Though I am not sure if it will be used up by the expiry date.  

Overall Thoughts: The contents of the box are small and does have cute packaging. So yes technically it does fit the box description. But with half of the box with an expiry date that is within a year, I feel like they aren't really treasures. Instead, they are items that I feel forced to use so it doesn't go to waste. For petite treasures, I wanted cute little items that are useful, like the Recipe lip gloss and cute little hand creams like the Etude House hand creams. They offer so much different kinds of cute hand creams in different packaging. I bought one of Etude's Don't Worry hand creams with the little feet and shoes after this box and it's so adorable! It fits perfectly with the theme and it would add some more weight to the lightweight box. Another suggestion would be the Tonymoly bunny lip gloss or the bunny perfume stick that was in the Thanksgiving box. Just there was so much different products that would've been better choices. I can't help but be disappointed with the box.

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