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Memebox Special #55 OMG 4

Memebox's OMG series is supposed to include products that will shock you and make you go "OMG!" when you open the box. I liked the OMG 3 box I received, primarily the Migabee Beetox cream. So when I needed to make up a large order to use up a 20% code in October, I decided to invest in the OMG 4 box. This box is DEFINITELY OMG worthy, but not for the right reason. 

The box was $29 + $6.99 standard shipping. It was shipped on November 18th and received on November 26th. It only took 8 days including the weekend so it came through really quick for standard shipping. 

**Prices listed are from product card unless listed otherwise** 
Nadu Skin The First Love Pack 12ml ($4)/ 18ml ($2)
Includes both Lady Point Pack & Gentleman Point Pack 
Product Description: Here's to a truely OMG product in the history of Memebox - specially designed mask packs for a femaile's and a male's Y-zone (definitely not for facial use!!) - to be used to moisture and treat the most sensitive yet uncared for part of the body. They're formulated with lavender flower water and various moisturizing nutrients and each designed to perfectly fit female and male body.

Thoughts:  Yes this is really an OMG product! It definitely made the box OMG worthy but for the wrong reasons. A his and hers mask for their privates. Really?! 

With the feminine cleanser from Head to Toe, I have mentioned that you should not put any type of cleansers near your private area. If you feel the need to, please consult with your doctor prior to doing anything. You should really not use anything other than water to cleanse your private area so you do not chnnge the pH level of the area and cause any allergic reactions. It is not a good idea. The same goes for the masks. You really should not put anything near your private area without consulting your doctor. 

So this mask is going straight into the garbage as I am not putting it anywhere near my privates.

Pureplus+ Cocoon Returning Toner 200ml ($18)
Product Description: Replenish, cotnrol excess sebum, remove dead skin cells and impurities, and brighten up dulled complexion with this returning toner packed with cocoon extracts, witch hazel, and various vitamins to make your face look and feel younger.

Thoughts: This is a big bottle of toner! I love how Memebox started to include lots of toners in the boxes.

The toner has a light perfume smell, which dissipates quickly. At first sniff I thought there was alcohol in it and after reading the ingredient list, there is alcohol in the toner. In fact, it is the third ingredient on the ingredient list. I am not sure if the Koreans label the ingredients in order of concentration. But if they are, then there is quite a bit of alcohol in the toner. This may not be so good since alcohol can dry out your skin. When I tried it on the back of my hand, it did not seem to dry out my skin as I did not feel that tight pull. So I think the alcohol may not be too concentrated. Will keep it with my toner stash. 

ABALONE Crystal Double EX Cream 50ml ($78)

Product Description: This Abalone Crystal Double EX Cream is concentrated with fermented abalone, black bean extract, and watermelon extract to deliver a cosmic blast of skin care benefits. Fresh 'abalones' from the Southern Coast of Korea are highly recognized as the King of Shellfish with their mucin containing abundant minerals, proteins, amino acids, and essential fatty acids to provide remarkable skin revitalizing, wrinkle reducing, skin brightening, and hydrating benefits. It also soothe irritated skin, and enhances the skin's elasticity to deliver visible anti-aging results with each use!

Thoughts: Abalone?! In skincare?! Okay, this is pretty OMG too. But the good kind of OMG.

The cream has a light smell, a little floral and a little of rice. I would say the cream is a cross between a gel and a cream. It is thick for a cream but its consistency is a little bit like a gel. It is semi opaque instead of a fully opaque white cream.

A little cream can go a long way. Just a little dab is enough for half of my face. The cream is absorbed quickly and does not feel sticky to the touch. The cream leaves my skin a little skiny like the snail cream but kind of dewy to the touch. I wonder what it will do to my skin after continuous use. I will incorporate to my routine after I finish my cream from the Moisture Surge box.

Edit: I just finished my moisturizer and decide to give this a try since it was manufactured in 2013. I figured it would be expiring soon so why not. Though now I think it may be the wrong season to use it. Probably should have been using it over December to February when it was the coldest. Oh well. With Cow Town's weather, winter is not over yet until June/July. I have used it for a few days and it's the same as my initial thoughts. A little goes a long way, I use the little spatula that comes in the box and a spoonful, which is around size of a pea, is enough for half of my face. It feels really thick but if you keep on rubbing it it becomes quite spreadable. I find that I need to really spread it out in a thin layer to avoid giving myself an oily face. When I first used it, I spread it on pretty thickly and I had an oily face for hours and it rubbed off on my pillowcase. The scent is quite strong and lasting when it's on thickly as well. But once I tried to spread it out, my face is not greasy but it still had the same softness as a thick layer. My face feels moisturized and no breakouts! Yes!

Shara Shara Secret Magic Lipstick 3.5g ($8)
Randomly selected from 01 Sky to Pop Pink, 02 Green to Pink, 03 Yellow to Mango
Product Description: A secret, dolor-transforming lipstick which offers a highly pigmented radiance a long-lasting adherence, and a moisture lock-in all in just a single wipe. Experience how it magically changes its shade according to the temperature of your lips! Its gentle formula is enriched with avocado oil and tocopheryl acetate which effectively protects lips from dehydration. 

Thoughts: I was happy to open my package to find a blue lipstick. It is a cute shade of aqua... Until I looked at the product card. Sky to Pop Pink?! WHY?! Why ANOTHER bright pink lipstick?! Just WHY?! I wold have been fine with Yellow to Mango. Why do I have to get another pink?!

I did a quick swatch on the inside of my arm. The lipstick went on easy and it took a few minutes for the colour to show. The top is only one coat, which is actually an acceptable but still bright pink colour. Because the colour took a few minutes to show, I kept on layering the lipstick thinking it's not working. The end result was a more prominent pink. I like the fact that the colour is not opaque like some of the lip tints so the colour is not as shocking as I thought it would be. Instead of a lipstick, the colour is more like that of a lip gloss. Though IF I were to apply it, I would go with only one layer so I don't have bright pink lips.

Dr.MJ Moisture Bounce Aqua Memory BB SPF30 PA++ 45g ($46)
Product Description: Yes we've all been through a BB cream, but what about a bouncy, jelly-like BB packaged in a bottle and scooped using a spatula like any other facial creams? Dr.MJ Moiisture Bounce Aqua Memory BB adheres tightly onto skin with its cushiony texture and offers wrinkle care, UV protection, and skin brightening effects as well. 

Thoughts: A BB cream in a jar is kind of neat. Though just considering how much you will open it to apply and expose it to air. I wonder how it would affect the BB cream's quality over time.

I first tried the BB cream at night under flash and different indoor lights. Under flash, the BB cream looked light and may be okay for me. When I applied it, the BB cream looked like it blended in quite well. Though upon closer look, the applied area looked dry.

Since my first attempt ended inconclusive, I decided to do another patch testing in day light. Under day light, the BB cream looks even lighter. I really thought it would be light enough for me. But I was wrong.

The upper left picture is half blended under natural light, lower left picture is half blended with flash, and right picture is fully blended under natural light. As you can see, the BB cream was quite orange on me. My arm looked like it's been oompa loompa-ized. Yet under flash, it looks like the BB cream blended well into my skin. Obviously I learned a lesson here. Do not swatch BB/CC creams at night under artificial lights or flashes. Do the swatches in natural light.

I already gave the BB cream to my friend who is darker than me, and it is actually too light for her. Urg.. I can't believe this BB cream is $46 and I am having trouble finding someone to pass it off to. This is just such a weird shade. So orange. How could a Korean brand, where the local aesthetics is to be as pale as possible, produce such a dark and orange shade??

Purebess Hot Styling Hair Fixer 8g ($16 $13.54 + shipping
Product Description: No it's not a hair spray or a wax gel cream. it's a hair fixer that you can apply multiple times consecutively because the formula is non-sticky and lightweight and it's shaped into an easy to use mascara-like package! Simply swipe away to fix up and style any loose hair for that perfect, stewardess look. 

Thoughts: I honestly thought this was a mascara when I saw the spoiler. When it is in my hands, and I am reading the product card, I still thought it was a mascara. The size of the fixer, the packaging, the wand. It is just like a mascara wand! I have to keep it in the box so I don't mistaken it for a mascara.

The hair fixer has a very light smell and a little watery. It reminds me of the mascara remover for Kiss Me Waterproof mascara. I tried it on a strand of hair but didn't notice too much difference. Though my hair is really straight so that may have been why there was not much difference. May try it for when I have parties and bothers to do my hair. But again, I need to keep it separate from my mascara or else I will make a bad mistake!

Overall Thoughts: The OMG product of his and hers genital masks is just urg.. Wrong OMG Memebox. The BB cream being so dark and orange also kind of ruined the box. The only worthy product in the box is the ABALONE cream and perhaps the toner. Had I known the content ahead of time, I don't think I would have purchased this box, even when it has a value of $169.54.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. 


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