Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Innisfree Haul

Back in November, Innisfree World had a promotion where if you spend $50 USD you get free shipping. Since my Innisfree Memebox was cancelled around the same time and I have never tried any items from the brand, I decided to take advantage of the promotion. 

The items were shipped on November 26th and I chose the free EMS service. Just my luck, the items didn't past through Customs until the weekend so I did not receive them until December 1st. But it was definitely a happy present to chase away the Monday blues. 

Straight from the box

 I had it shipped to my office as it requires a signature so I received it at lunch time! Just in time to take pictures rightaway! I happily laid out the content on my office floor. So please excuse the yucky carpet. Urg now I think about it, I should wipe clean the samples before using them.

Skin Solution Mask - Wrinkle Care
On of the two masks I got so I can make the $50 mark. I honestly did not know what to get. But I thought I would try a little expensive mask. Though it is wrinkle care so I may just pass it along to my mom as she always appreciate wrinkle fighting items. 

It's real squeeze mask - rose 
I actually want to try this mask out as it is one of the only masks I seen that is rose. So excited to try it. I am so afraid to use it and love it and have to wait for more to come. Hiding it in my stash of masks. :P

Apple juicy emulsion lip & eye remover 
Another item I picked up to make up the minimum amount. I justified this purchase as I do need a makeup remover. My old cleanser doubled as a makeup remover and my new one just doesn't work as well. Since I mostly just do BB/CC cream and then eye makeup, this is a good  cleanser to get. I tried the Apple juicy foam cleanser sample I got from my RoseRoseShop order and I have to say this line smells amazing! The cleanser also took off my make up with ease so I imagine this remover will be even better. 

Left to right: Jeju hallabong hand cream x 2, Jeju rose hand cream [intense], Jeju peach hand cream 
The hand creams were buy 2 get 2 free! I was too late in choosing my hand creams so I only had a few smells to choose from. I got two hallabong hand creams as I loved The Yeon's hallabong line so I was hoping the Innisfree line would smell similar. Rose and peach was just a personal preference for hand cream smells. 

The hand creams are smaller than I expected but it is a good size to slip into your wallet. I opened up all of the hand creams to smell them. I find them all to be super strong smelling. The most acceptable is rose. It smells just like Crabtree & Evelyn's rosewater hand cream. The second one is the peach hand cream. It has a sweet but a slightly tangy smell to it. I find that I can accept having it on my hand. The least favourite is the hallabong. It has this weird citrus smell to it. I don't know how to describe it but it gave me a headache. Thankfully my coworker took one from me! So happy!

Smells aside, the hand cream is quite moisturizing. The peach hand cream keeps my hand, especially dry spot on my webbing, moisturized throughout the day without leaving a oily residue.

Eco 100% natural Jelly Jeju cleansing sponge
Again, an item to make up the order minimum. I find that I quite like the konjac sponge from Julep and picked up two from Taipei. But a girl can never have enough konja sponges. My friend actually thinks the sponge is quite expensive at $5 CAD but meh, it seemed to be a nice sponge. 

The sponge comes premoistened, which I heard is not as good as the ones that comes dried. Nonetheless, the sponge was welcomed and introduced to my routine as my Julep sponge was dying. 

When I opened the package, the first thing that hits my nose is the scent of  seawater. I am not sure what the solution it was soaked in, but it reminds me of the sea. Although the smell goes away after using a cleanser with it. 

The sponge is very bouncy and the pores(?) are much bigger than the Julep sponge. The sponge comes on a string but no suction cup to attach to the shower wall. Oh well, the cup that came with the Julep sponge didn't like my shower wall and I lost it after a few time. I just end up hanging the sponge on a body wash bottle. I  can't put my finger on exactly why but the sponge feels like it cleans not as well as the Julep sponge. Probably won't repurchase it again. 

The green tea seed serum special set 
This is the whole reason why I decided to make an order. I eyeing it and was not ready to purchase since it looked so small. My friend, who is hilarious, sent me a picture of her set with her 3DS so I can get a sizing. That pushed me over the edge to make an order!

I am currently using the Tosowoong AP serum and loving it right so I did not incorporate the green tea seed set into my routine yet. I did do a swatch of the serum. I have to say the smell is a tad strong and perfumey. Not at all what I thought a green tea seed serum would smell like. I was expecting it to be more leafy smelling. Oh well. Will incorporate it some how eventually. 

Tangerine Peel Solutions Kit (Gift) 
I got the tangerine peel solution kit as I made the $50 minimum for the Get One, Gift One kit. I got the kit purely because I wanted the lime mask. I did not realize this kit was for whitening. Oops. Haha I really don't need that as I am really pale but oh well. 

I sent one to my friend and she chose the Volcanic set. It took forever to get to her. She only received it on Christmas eve. She tried the cleanser and informed me that the cleanser left her skin feeling different. She couldn't describe exactly what,but she said it just feels like she could feel something on her skin. Oh well. She does seem to like the cleanser so far. 

Top Row (L to R): Green tea balancing cream, Orchid enriched cream
Bottom Row (L to R): The green tea seed serum, Eco science skin, Eco science lotion
I also got to choose 5 samples for my order. I really have no idea what I was thinking. Why would I choose two samples of things I just purchased?! WHY?! Just urg. What was I thinking?!

The samples are quite big. They look like they are enough for 3-5 uses. Just enough to use for a long enough period to see some kind of result. 

The haul is pretty nice despite not knowing what I want. I can't wait to use the items but I don't think I'll order from Innisfree in the future without some kind of sale and shipping discount. Their items seem to be a just a little more artificially and stronger scented than I would expect from a natural line.


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