Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Nellafantasia Honey 1 Snail Ultra Moisture Cream

In one of the sampling events in October/November, the Nellafantasia Honey 1 Snail Ultra Moisture Cream was featured as one of the products. Imagine my surprise when Canada Post knocked on my door at 8PM delivering a small package from Memebox on a day that I was not expecting any packages. I actually won! I won the snail cream! I was excited because it sounded like a really good moisturizer. The cream is supposed to improve the dryness of your skin while brightening your skin tone. It is to improve your skin's elasticity and getting rid of your winkles.

I was very excited to open the product and had a mishap almost immediately. I opened the jar to look at the cream and give it a whiff. I closed the lid and reopened it after a couple of minutes, I reopened the jar and found the inner lid stuck to the top of the actual lid. I thought nothing of it and was still holding the lid in my hand when the inner lid fell off and splattered the cream onto me and the jar. This is where I saw how stringy the cream can be. It's all the snail slime!

Then I had another mishap with the jar just a couple of weeks later. I opened the jar and placed it on my laptop. I was just tying up my hair when the jar tipped over and fell onto my bed and my glasses.. NOOOOOO All those moisturizer!!!!!! I tried to salvage as much as I can and can't believe how much mishaps I had with this cream! I am such a klutz sometimes!

Anyways, back to the actual cream. The cream is very thick and can be stringy. It has a slight white glue smell to it but it is not very strong. It goes on a bit thick and is absorbed in a decent amount of time. Usually within five minutes. It does not feel sticky but it leaves my skin feeling oily to the touch. However, I could not see any oil shine on my fingers after touching my face. I think the cream just feels oily/really smooth from the snail slime. My face looked pretty shiny the next morning. I had a shiny forehead! ^0^ I found it hilarious. Definitely do not go out with a shiny face! The shine came off easily with just a wipe with a tissue. 

The cream is currently on sale on Memebox for $19 + shipping. Whilst I really like the cream, I don't know if I am willing to pay $19 plus shipping. But since Memebox seem to be the only international website that is selling the cream, this may be your only choice. You can always buy $50 worth of products and use the free shipping code to justify the order. There are quite a few good items on Memebox Global that I think a $50 order can be reached pretty easily. 

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