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Battle of the Peripera Ink Series - Part 2

Continuing on from part 1 of the battle of the Peripera Ink series. Here is the longevity test. The four Peripera products are:

  1. Peri's Ink Moist in #4 Bang Rose
  2. Peri's Ink Velvet in #5 Inktude Rose
  3. Airy Ink Velvet in #5 Elf Light Rose
  4. Cloud Ink Velvet in #5 Reddish Rose


The first set of test I performed on these tints were for longevity, where I would not apply any additional products on top. Just to show how it performs in real life. Add to that, I had a lot of dead skin on my lip that wouldn't go away as testing progressed. And I thought it would be a good opportunity to show you how these tints perform on dry lips.

Testing Premise

The testing premise I set up included the following:
- Apply in the morning, usually around 7:10AM
- No blotting
- No lip balm until 3PM, and only necessary. ie. to reduce the look of patchiness so I don't look like a hot mess walking home
- Photos are taken after eating or drinking
- Photos are taken at the end of the day, after 7PM is preferable

Peri's Ink Moist in #4 Bang Rose

As I have mentioned earlier, this tint leans toward a fuchsia red. Due to the fact that it acts kind of like tint water, it doesn't spread well. Once it's on, it sinks right in. It is also not as pigmented as the velvet series, so I had to reapply the tint to the whole mouth to ensure colour shows up properly. Though I think if you want a gradient lip colour, all you need to do is apply with a heavy hand on the inner lip.

The colour looked natural and I felt that it didn't highlight the dry patches. But you can totally tell the patch of dead skin on the center of my lower lip.

Because I haven't applied any lip balm on it, I can feel those dry patches getting harder as the time passes. It was really testing my ability to resist puling it off.
My resistance was futile as I caved and pulled off some of the patches. To which shows that the skin underneath is not tinted at all. And because the tint sinks right in and not sitting on top of the lips, I cannot smoosh my lips together and spread some residual product around to cover the lighter spots. 

Unfortunately, I was forced to reapply a little bit on the freshly exposed parts. I just cannot go outside looking like I have spots on my lips, as much as I wish to maintain the testing premise the same.

The transfer for this tint was minimal, which isn't too surprising.

I did apply a little bit of gloss at 4:50PM as it was starting to look a little dry. A little gloss made it look okay again.

However, it is super patchy after I ate dinner and blotted. But I mean, that is impressive seeing as how it survived 8+ hours of wear. I am impressed.

I quite like this colour, I like how natural it looks on my lips despite looking super bright on the applicator. The longevity is also a plus. Downside is that you may require multiple coats to get a brighter lip colour and I think Peripera stopped making these (I could be wrong).

Looking at the collage, you can see the colour is quite long lasting. It probably would have lasted the full day if I didn't pick off the dry patch. That is pretty impressive to me, as I wasn't expecting it to last this long. 

Peri's Ink Velvet in #5 Inktude Rose

This is the shade that my friend accidentally picked up for me and I anxiously waited months for! I was a little hesitant to try it, but once I had it on. I was in love! 

I normally don't love bright reds or pinks as I don't like drawing attention to my lips. But something about this shade just makes me LOVE it. I feel very comfortable wearing it everywhere. Hell, I even wore it to the grocery store last weekend. Bright lips, messy bun and sweatpants, a winning combination! It's definitely growing on me.

I mentioned in part 1 that the shape of the applicator make it a tad hard to apply evenly. The tint itself is easily spreadable, but the applicator keep picking up way too much product at once. Given that it also set quite fast, it is very easy to have one side that has more product than the other side.

Case in point, my left side got a tad more product than the right side for this test. I tried to shift some onto the cupid's bow, and it was smudging instead of spreading. -_- Then, I applied too high and it was nearly impossible to remove. So I ended up looking like I overlined my lips.. Oops.

Now, a lot of people has complained that Ink Velvet is really drying on their lips. I have to say, I kind of agree. My lips started to feel like it's drying out few minutes after application. While it felt drying, it didn't look drying at all. Which is a good thing. Because who wants to walk around with dry flaky coloured lips? Though I do admit, it did clung to the dry patches a little bit, where I can see them. 

But then again, I know exactly where they are so I am actively focusing on those areas. I think any normal person won't look that closely at my lips though.

The tint is not transfer proof. It also depends on how much product you apply too. If you apply a thin layer, it will transfer a lot less than if you were to applied a thicker layer. For this test, some was transferred while drinking. But lips were still quite pigmented, so it may just have been I had excess product sitting on the lips.

More transferred after drinking and eating, but I am pretty impressed that it lasted through lunch and dinner! The final picture was taken at 8PM, and the lower lip is still quite pigmented. However, the upper lip is pretty much gone so that may need reapplication.

The original Ink Velvet is definitely a favourite of mine. I feel comfortable wearing most of my colours and I really love how long lasting it is. As for the dryness issue, I just find that a dab of lip balm or gloss solve the issue. Yes I know it kind of defeats the purpose of having a matte lip tint. But that's okay with me. 

Just looking at the collage, it really shows how the Ink Velvet has faded through the day. But I feel that it faded into a more natural shade on my lips. So it doesn't really look like I am wearing lip tints. I kind of really like it that way, especially when I applied a bit of balm on top. 

Airy Ink Velvet in #5 Elf Light Rose

Ahh... Airy Velvet. I have a love and hate relationship with this tint. I love the shades it offers, but I hate how it smells. Once I get past the scent, I really don't like the longevity of this tint. In my last comparison post, it only just lasted through lunch. So things are not looking good for this from the get go.

Again, that soapy scent hits me in the nose and lingers. I felt like I had swallowed some soapy water and it just got stuck in the back of my throat. Yuck. The shade wasn't as bright as I remembered but it's still a very nice shade.
 I applied a thin layer but it was quite pale, so I had to apply another thin layer on top so the colour would show up. This formula glides beautifully! I think it is because of the oils they added to it. It just glides on so beautifully. I love it. Unfortunately, it does kind of highlight the dry patches.
Like I mentioned, it is not transfer proof at all. As soon as I start eating and drinking, the colour came off a little bit. It is still bright on my lips, but I can definitely see a little bit of my natural lip colour peeking through.
By which the end of the work day, the lip colour was basically all gone. Some clung onto the dry patches and that's it. The lip balm trick didn't really play well here. It still ends up looking quite splotchy.
Well, as you can see above, everything was essentially gone from my lips after dinner. There are couple spots of colour, but almost all are of my natural lip colour again. -_- 

I mentioned earlier that the Airy lasted only until lunch time for my last test. And it stands true with this test as well. Which is a bit unfortunate for me, as I really wish it stayed on a little longer. 

Longevity was the biggest issue I had with the Airy Velvets. I absolutely love the colours they have. I remember wishing they would have these colours in the Ink Velvets. But I know some people love it and doesn't mind reapplication. But 

The other issue I had was the scent, which was a very soapy scent to me. But I know there are others who identify it as floral and love it. So this is also a hit or miss with people. 

Though I have noticed that Peripera is now releasing new shades for the Airy Velvets and not so much Ink Velvets. So I think this velvet line is here to stay. 

Cloud Ink Velvet in #5 Reddish Rose

Ahh, the reason why I started this post. I just really wanted to see how all the Ink lines worked and this was the last piece to my collection. I absolutely fell in love with the colour and was eager to see how it stacked up against the rest of the Ink lines.

This is quite pigmented, leaning toward the Ink Velvet than Airy Velvet. It feel like it spreads more like Airy Velvet though. Obviously, the applicator is crap so I had quite a patchy job on the corners of the mouth.

This came off SUPER easily. It is definitely not transfer proof. AT ALL.

Any time I ate or drank, a little bit came off. It also started to get patchy, especially around the dry skin. -__-

After eating lunch, this became super dry and patchy. It was still pigmented, but starting to go and highlighting all of the damn dry patches! I look ridiculous!

I ended up picking off some of the dry patches in the afternoon because it felt like it was going to become a hard shell soon. The skin underneath is obviously a lot lighter. All I had to do to fix it was smoosh my lips together and voila! It's like nothing ever happened! That's not good, because that tells me the lip tint has been just sitting on top of my lips and slips around for hours. No wonder it comes off so easily!

After 3PM, I decided to apply some lip balm to help alleviate some of that dry feeling. That didn't end up helping. Because quite a bit was transferred to the lip balm and everything looks super patchy.

So it comes to no one's surprise that the tint was basically all gone after dinner. The dry patches held on but the rest are just gone. -__-

The Cloud Velvet has gorgeous colour payoff, I love how pigmented it is. But it also transferred very easily. It left a red spot everywhere it came in contact with. It did somewhat last throughout the day but definitely was very patchy. 

I will re-test this without dry patches, but this is definitely not a product you want to wear when you got dry patches! It will highlight and dry out those patches even more. 

Ok, so that concludes testing #1. Based on results from this test, I would have to say Ink Velvet remains my favourite as it is long lasting and gives a natural fade. Second would be Moist as it last the longest out of the remaining 3. Then it is a toss up between Airy and Cloud, as both has their pros and cons. I will have testing #2 coming up soon and give my final thoughts on these lines! 


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