Friday, 6 April 2018

[L'AFFAIR ANIMAL] - Whitening Panda Mask

The last in the L'affair Animal series is the Whitening Panda Mask. I been saving this as pandas are special to me. (If you don't know, my dog's name is Panda. My fondness for panda grew from my love for my dog. ^_^). The other two animal masks has been meh at best for me, so I am hoping this will do better. 

This mask contains nacinamide to help balance out the skin tone, as well as beta-glucan to moisturize and nourish the skin. But honestly, I feel like the ingredients list looks VERY similar to the other two masks, besides a couple of different ingredients like niacinamide. I am guessing they just do a generic base and add on top of it? 
This is the best smell mask out of the three. I don't know why, considering most of their ingredients list is the same. This has a nice fresh green apple scent. But fear not, that bitter note is in it too. Albeit at a much lower level. 

Similar to the sheep mask, the mask is really soft and drenched in essence. In fact, it was dripping essence onto my neck as I had the mask on my face. I was surprised but at least my neck got to be moisturized as well. 
I found this to have a good fit, not too much on the forehead. There was a little extra on the chin but it didn't want to separate from my face as much. I had it on for 25 minutes and it was still quite moist. The extra essence sunk in quickly and left my neck feeling sticky but not my face. Skin felt moisturized, and I can notice my skin tone is a little evened out. Which comes as a surprise to me since I don't really notice these things. 
Panda didn't think too highly of this mask. XD 
So, overall, this is a pretty decent mask. You get to look silly/cute, while brightening your skin. It is definitely the best out of the three for various reasons. If I have to choose, I would repurchase this first before the other two. But if I have the choice between this mask or other brightening masks, I would probably choose a more effective mask. 


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