Saturday, 21 April 2018

[MEDIHEAL] - Pumpkinade Mask

I went a little crazy at Daiso Vancouver a couple years ago, and I was surprised they carried Mediheal masks! I picked up the Pumpkinade Mask. Fast forward to current day, and these masks are all available at Superstores/Loblaws in Canada. It is now around $1.5 instead of $2 per mask. Let's see how I like it.

The mask is advertised that the squash will provide nutrition and elasticity to the skin. It will lift the skin and make the skin smooth and elastic.

I looked at the ingredients list, and there is nothing too jarring for me. However, some people may not like the fact that there is methylparaben and propylparaben in there. There are some people who aren't comfortable with parabens in their products. So do your research.

The mask is a thin embossed mask which is soaked in 25mL essence serum, which smells nutty and something else. I don't know what it is but I don't really like it. I like the nutty scent, but not the other scent.

The mask had a good fit for my chubby cheeks. I don't know how long this mask was supposed to be kept for, as the stupid sticker was IMPOSSIBLE to remove. I had it on for 25 minutes, the mask was still moist at this point. But I just didn't want it on there anymore, as it was starting to separate from my skin.

The extra essence sunk in quickly and my face feels slightly tight though. The touch feels funny though. It feels kind of dewy but also feels like the product is sitting on top of my skin. However, that feeling did go away after a little bit. My face feels pretty dewy after everything sunk in.

My skin feel moisturized but I didn't notice any lifting or anti-aging. But it's just meh for me. The scent is just not that great for me. I would prefer to wear another mask that have similar result but better scent. But I heard there are some recommendations for other "flavours" in this mask line, so I may pick up some more when my hoard of masks is diminished. 


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