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Battle of the Peripera Ink Series - Part 1

Oh my gosh, are you guys ready for this??? I have been planning this for a while now, and I can't wait to share it with you guys!! EEK!!O(≧▽≦)O

I noticed that most of the visits to my blog is to the post regarding the Peripera Ink Velvet and the Airy Ink Velvet. I know some people quite like the wear time comparison and thought I should prepare a post for all of the Ink series that's available. It had been sitting in the back of my head for a while. It didn't come to fruition until I inadvertently gathered all of the Ink series. 

This includes the original Peri's Ink Moist (bought from TesterKorea during one of their heavily discounted sales), Ink Velvet (my favourite, I have multiple shades of it), Airy Velvet (this seems to be the most liked series) and the new Cloud Velvet (there was barely any advertisement for it, I am not sure why).

Now this will be a massive post as I will go into the shade swatches on lips, and then compare the wear time using two slightly different premises. So don't be surprised if this ends up being two posts.  Yah it's massive, this will be a three part series. 

Also, FYI, this is a lip tint post, so there will be lots of lip shots. 😉

Now, the colours I am comparing are: 
(going right to left)
  1. Peri's Ink Moist in #4 Bang Rose
  2. Peri's Ink Velvet in #5 Inktude Rose
  3. Airy Ink Velvet in #5 Elf Light Rose
  4. Cloud Ink Velvet in #5 Reddish Rose
Wow, I didn't even know I own most of the tints in shade #5. Or that it has rose in all of the names. Man, my love for roses is even subconsciously being transferred to my lip tint choices. Also kind of funny that I unintentionally chose the shade #5 to swatch for Ink Velvet among the 3 other shades I own.  

This post will include discussion on the applicator, arm swatches and lip swatches. Part 2 and 3 will discuss the longevity of each of the series under slightly different testing premises. 

Before we start, I just want to point out that I did do some lighting adjustments on the product shots. But all swatches are left to natural lighting, with the exception of the evening shots. As such there may be some discrepancy between the photos, even if they are taken on the same day. 

Also, depending on the settings on your devices, there may be slight colour discrepancies. Case in point, the lip swatches looked bright on my phone but looked dull on my personal laptop to the point I was wondering if I was looking at two different images. But when I viewed it on another computer, the swatches look same as it is on my phone. There is definitely a bit of discrepancies depending on your monitor, so please keep that in mind. 


There is a noticeable difference in the applicators for the different lines of the Ink series. It is pretty clear from the pictures. Here's another one below.

The applicator for Moist is kind of like a traffic cone, it is slanted from both side. Whereas the Velvet and Airy is slanted only on one side, kind of like a wedge.  You can see that Airy's applicator is more slanted and "fluffier" than the Velvet. Whereas the Cloud is just a rectangle. Yah. It's not rounded or anything, just a rectangle. I am not sure why Peripera is so quiet on the Cloud release and why they changed the applicator to such a weird shape.

Overall, I found that I liked the Airy applicator the most. It is the most slanted and the "fluffier" applicator allows for the best application of the tints. It may also be due to the formula of the Airy tint, but I found the applicator to pick up just enough product in one go. Whereas I found the Velvet picks up WAY too much product, I would often have to swipe on the side of the opening. Even then, I still end up with too much product at times.

Moist's applicator is okay, nothing to write home about. But the Cloud's applicator... Geez...Due to its shape, application on the top lip was mostly just jabbing myself with the tip of the wand. It also led to patchy applications on the corners. It's just a bad design. I really don't understand why Peripera changed it to this. 


I tried to my best to keep the tints in line but it did get a little smudged. 
I kind of feel like the swatch of Velvet is kind of illustrating my point of the applicator picking up too much product. This is with whatever the applicator picked up in one go. The Ink Velvet is so pigmented that it doesn't need much for colour to be visible. The applicator picks up so much that it just smooshes the product everywhere. 
Indoor light with indirect sunlight. (spot the dog) 
The colours looks great here. I LOVE the colour of Cloud, it is such a vibrant red! 💖💖 Airy is a very nice pale pink that I been looking for. Ink Velvet is a nice coral red whereas Moist is a fuchsia pink/hot pink, which I don't really like for my lip colours. Let's see how it actually looks on me below. 

I only wiped the tints with a dry tissue paper, and it is kind of interesting to see how it stained my arm. Airy is the one that came off the easiest, then it is Cloud. Followed by Velvet (my favourite) then Moist. We will see which will perform best on the lips in part 2 and 3. 


1) Peri's Ink Moist in #4 Bang Rose

Picture source
This is a pretty shade eh? It looks like a nice shade of rosy pink that is leaning towards natural lip colour. It isn't super bright and "loud" as I like to call it, so it is a good everyday colour. 
Lighter coat on the left and a full coat on the right

On my lips, it is a very similar shade. I would say it is a tad darker pink, with a slight hint of fuchsia. But it is very close to the official swatch. 

This is one of my favourite, as the name indicates, it is moist. So it goes on more like a tint water, and gives a more natural stain on the lips. As such, it does require a full application on the lips as it isn't as pigmented as others, doesn't spread well and sinks right in. 

The scent is a fruity floral scent to it. I know I smelled it somewhere before but I just can't identify where. I quite like it and it goes away after a while. 

2) Peri's Ink Velvet in #5 Inktude Rose

Picture source
Ink Velvet is one of my favourite lip tints ever. I own the most shades in this line, so that kind of tells you how much I like it. I didn't pick this shade. I received it in error. My friend was in Korea and I asked her to pick up the Cloud Ink in #5 but she mistakenly gotten the Ink Velvet. But that's okay, it is a pretty shade. I kind of want to say it is red with coral undertone to it. 
Lighter coat on the left and a full coat on the right
As you can see, when it is on me, it is a coral red. It is true to the coral undertone, like in the picture. But the shade is gorgeous so I can't complain. I feel that the full coat pictures are very close! 

I have heard some people complain that it is quite drying for them. I did find it to be a tad drying too but I just added a layer of lip balm which helps to alleviate the dryness. It goes on quite smoothly and a little goes a LONG way. Like REALLY, use sparingly because it is quite pigmented. And if you apply too much, the tint will just sit on top of your lips. (see above arm swatches). I am serious.. Just dab a little bit on to your lips and start blending (is this the correct term?) it everywhere. It will be more than enough. 

The ink velvet has a candy scent to it, it can be a little jarring to some people as it is long lasting. I like it, though I do admit that it has taken me by surprise a few times I tasted it. 

3) Airy Ink Velvet in #5 Elf Light Rose

Picture source

This is a very very pretty pinkish MLBB (my lips but better) shade, and I believe it is quite popular as I have seen quite a few people loving it on Instagram. It is pink but I think it also have a bit of an orange undertone to it in the official swatch. 

Lighter coat on the left and a full coat on the right

On my lips, it looks alright. Perhaps a little too light for me actually. I can kind of see my natural shade peeking out from underneath. So I would require a concealer in order for the colour to apply properly. 

In comparison with the official swatch, I don't think it comes close at all. Maybe more toward pink than peachy pink, but it does match the description of pinkish MLBB. I wonder if it's due to my natural lip colour, as the arm swatch look a little closer to the official swatch.

This is my least favourite in the ink series, but I know it is a lot of people's favourite. The airy velvet just has a soapy scent that lingers forever, and it feels like it is just sitting on top of my lips for most of the time. (I have recently found out that the newer colours, specifically F/W 2017, have a much more pleasant green tea scent to it. Better but I am still not a big fan of this line.)

4) Cloud Ink Velvet in #5 Reddish Rose

Picture souce
This is the shade that led to this post. I lusted after this dark red, and ordering it online made me realize I had one product from every line of the Ink series. (Please let me know if I am missing one) I been trying to find a darker red as it is more mature and more suited for the colder seasons. I had high hopes that the actual colour will match the swatch. 
Lighter coat on the left and a full coat on the right
The colour on me is, if I can say so myself, GORGEOUS. I don't like to wear bright red lipsticks or tints, but this colour just looks so great! I loved wearing it and didn't care that it was super red and perhaps not matching my outfit. It just made my skin look so much better and made my lips the center of attention. 

BUT, it doesn't match the official swatch at all. Which annoys me. This is the third brand that I have purchased a darker shade from, and ended up getting a red that is nowhere as dark as advertised. (You can see the other two here:  A'pieu RD02 and Etude House BE 103. Just scroll or Ctrl +F the colours) I was really hoping Peripera would deliver as they are quite good on showing the correct colour swatch on their swatches. But I guess the darker red is the elusive unicorn shade for the Korean companies. 

There hasn't been much postings on the cloud line, as it was released quite quietly by Peripea. So I am not sure what everyone else think of it. I am still waffling on my thoughts of it. I like the shade, It doesn't feel like it's sitting on top of my lips but I guess I will see how I feel after the longevity tests. 

Its smell is semi okay. It isn't offensively soapy like the airy, but it kind of reminds me of the licorice flavour of the smelly markers I used in elementary. 


I just wanted to share the arm swatch of all of my Peripera tints. Like I said, I am a big fan. Not such a big fan that I need every shade though, because some just won't work for me, like Ink Velvet #12 . But Peripera is dominant in my collection of lip tints. Plus, I took some gorgeous (in my opinion) shots of these tints, and it would just be a shame not to use them.

Going from top to bottom:

  1. Ink Velvet - #7 Dollish Beige Rose
  2. Airy Ink Velvet - #5 Elf Light Rose 
  3. Ink Velvet - #12 Pure Peach 
  4. Ink Velvet - #14 Beauty Peak Rose 
  5. Ink Velvet - #5 Inktude Rose 
  6. Peri's Ink Moist - #4 Bang Rose
  7. Cloud Ink Velvet - #5 Reddish Rose
OMG... Listing it out REALLY illustrated how much I subconsciously lean toward products with roses in it, even in the name.. OMG!!! 😂😂 I am so surprised!

I arranged the tints based on the colour of their bottle, going from pink to dark red. So that is why the bottles are not separated by the different product lines or actual colours.

The first swatch, Dollish Beige Rose is probably one of my favourite colours and my very first Ink Velvet tint. It looks like a brownish red and I want to say is a pretty shade of pink on my lips. I really love it. Though it was slightly disconcerting to see black coloured swirls coming out of it when I don't shake it properly. You can see the swatch here.

Pure Peach, I had high hopes for as the official swatch looked quite cute! It was a cute shade of orange-ish pink. I don't mind a bit of orange in my lip shades so I was so excited for it! But oh man, it was a disappointment. My natural lip colour is just too deep for this tint. My natural lip colour keep peeping through and makes this look super patchy and I look semi sick. I would need a concealer on top in order for this colour to really work. You can see the lip swatch here.

Beauty Peak Rose, no that's not a typo by me, Peripera really named it that. Anyways, it is a MLBB (My lips but better) colour. It looks pretty orange on the arm, but is a nice pinkish coral shade on me. I really like it but it is more of a spring and summer shade so it is coming back to rotation within the next month or two. You can see the lip swatch here.

Okay, that is it for the swatches of the different Ink series from Peripera. Thanks for reading up to this point. Part 2 will be the first longevity test and it will be posted shortly! 


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