Friday, 20 April 2018

[LOVEMORE] - Pearl Barley and Milk Smoothing Mask Sheet

You know, I eaten enough pearl barley in my life that I actually grown to really like the taste of it. I know in Taiwan, they have the barley water that is supposed to be good for your body. And I actually quite like the taste of it. So I wasn't too surprised to see that barley is one of the flavours for Lovemore. The mask to be reviewed is the Pearl Barley and Milk Smoothing Mask sheet and let's see how it performs. 

The serum uses ocean water to deeply moisturize (seriously, half of their masks uses ocean water, and I haven't see most of them deeply moisturize my skin so I don't know how valid that claim is), milk as a base to brighten, and barley has a lot of nutritious goodies. Together, these ingredients will remove the oiliness from skin, improve the V-line (yeah, I don't think so) and provide a softer and glowing skin. That's whole lot of claims to live up to. 

The ingredients list looks ok.. But urg, alcohol. I know alcohol is there to help penetration and isn't too big of a deal if your skin isn't too sensitive like mine. Plus, it is in the middle of the list, so the chances of it being in high concentration is very low. But I just don't like seeing it. Anyways, there is also horse chestnuts, as well as Hyaluronic Acid to help with the moisturizing. 

The mask was typical, in that it is a thin silk mask that is slightly dripping with essence with decent fitting requiring minimal adjustment. Even the mask smells like that typical saline solution due to the inclusion of the ocean water, but maybe a tad sweeter due to the barley. 

Recommended for 10 to 20 minutes but I had it on for 25 minutes. It dried down rather quickly and my skin felt tight. Yah, this is what happens when you go over the recommended time with Lovemore masks. I highly recommended to stay within it. If you still feel discomfort after removing it within the recommended time, then it is the essence that is too drying.  My skin felt cool and soft but oh so tight. 

This is definitely a no repurchase for me. I dislike any of the masks that makes my skin feel so tight for so long and it is nothing spectacular in all of the Lovemore masks that I have tried. Which is too bad because I remembered I liked it before. But I guess our skin's needs change over time. 

Now that I tried most of the Lovemore masks, I feel like I can make a conclusion on the brand. Which is that I totally bought into the hype. The brand was super hyped up with all of the bloggers and influensters years ago, and I totally bought into it. I was eager to try them and obtained most of what is out there. After trying them all, I just feel like they are honestly meh. For the price you are paying, which is usually US$2+, you are basically paying for the thin silk mask. But because it is so thin, the mask dries up really quickly and then it starts to suck up moisture from your skin. I honestly think there are better masks that are just as thin at a lower price level. I want to love it, but I honestly only has one or two masks that I really liked. The rest are just meh and not worth the money to be honest. 


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