Thursday, 19 April 2018

[LOVEMORE] - Bamboo Liquid Moisturizing Mask Sheet

My skin has been dry and flaky as I haven't been really taking are of it. So I needed a pick me up to get back into the game. The Lovemore Bamboo Liquid Moisturizing Mask Sheet is recommended for dehydrated or dry skin (hey that's me!) as it is supposed to be really moisturizing with the water from bamboo. So let's see how it performs. 

The ingredients list looks nice, with bamboo extract, hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, sea water, soluble collagen, and Sodium Hyaluronate. They are all very moisturizing ingredients so this should be very hydrating and what my skin needs! 

The mask is that of a typical Lovemore silk masks, it is thin and pliable. Typical of the masks with sea water, it smelled like sea water or saline solution. Nothing offensive at all. 

The mask was typical in that it was slightly dripping when taken out of the package and there was not much left despite being a 30mL mask. The mask had a good fit except for the lip area, but no surprise there. 

I got a slight sting on an area I didn't know I had an open wound. Oops for me but luckily it was just a light sting. The mask was recommended for 10 to 15 minuets and I had it on for exactly 15 minutes. I learned to just stay within their recommended time as the masks will dry up within the recommended time and suck in the moisture. 

The extra essence sunk in quickly and dries down matte and non-sticky. My skin felt dewy and moisturized afterwards. It does feel a little tight but that went away after a few minutes. Afterwards, my skin felt silky to the touch. Omg, putting on cream afterwards was like putting it on a well greased surface. I think I found my favourite mask from Lovemore!

Overall, this mask moisturized my skin well and I really love the silky smooth feeling on my skin. I really wish I can get it locally instead of trying to source it from online but that is a small issue. Once I am done my big stash of masks, or if I am back in Taiwan, I will be sure I pick up more of these masks!


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